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desert_walkingMany of us find ourselves, figuratively, in the desert of this world. We don’t want to be here but this is where God has lead us and because we are obedient to His voice, we have gone where others fear to tread.

The important thing to remember is that when you are in the desert, “Don’t Give Up.” Yes, the dry ground is hard and the sun above is hot. Yes, all you see is barren wasteland before you and desolate wilderness behind you. However, because God led you here he has a plan.

There was a day when the children of Israel were only a weeks journey away from the river Jordan. There was a day when tomorrow they would find a river flowing with fresh water. While we do not always know when we will find rest,we know, because we follow our Father, that we will.

The only way to truly fail in God, is to refuse to take another step. The only way to never make it out of the wilderness is to not try. Most of us are much closer to our wilderness exit than we realize, if we will simply believe and trust that God has our journey under control.

When things are tough it is the best possible time to praise God. Lift you hands up in the midst of your desert and tell God how wonderful He is, How well able to deliver He is, and how thankful that you are for His grace and mercy. It is at these times, when we are at our extremities, that our faith is pure in our Father’s eyes and ears.

From the time of the Garden, God has had a sore spot with mankind because they chose not to believe Him. Having given Adam and Eve everything they chose to disobey. Therefore, God loves it when His children, the descendants of those cast out of Eden, turn and trust Him in the face of impossible odds and say “we believe” even if they do not understand.

The psychology of God is that He wants you to believe and when you do…it heals some part of Him and moves His hand to deliver you. Rather than being a hardship the desert, for those who believe, it is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to touch God’s heart and mind in ways that are not possible when we are at ease. Don’t give up, but lift your hands and heart and praise your Father with everything that is left inside of you. Do this and you will see true salvation.