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Revelation, I keep coming back to this topic because I feel in my spirit that without the illumination of God in our hearts and minds we are truly blind leaders of the blind.

Who are you in Christ? Do you truly know? What are you to become? What is your purpose here on earth? Why did God create you and give you and immortal soul? These are fundamental questions for us all and I believe that the answers to these questions are far more profound than most people know.

You, to put it simply, were created to become God’s wife. What happened in the Garden of Eden is a picture of a love story that is being played out upon the canvas of this creation. Just as Adam looked upon all the animals and realized that, unlike the animals, he had no mate suitable for him, God looked upon all that He had created and knew that their was no mate suitable for Him either. Just as God created Eve to be a helpmate for Adam, God created mankind a little lower than the angels but destined us to be crowned with glory as His queen. This is the mystery of the church. This is the purpose of the Bride of Christ.

However, just as Adam’s wife sinned and ate of the forbidden fruit, all mankind partook of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil through Adams sin. Just as Adam’s wife was worthy of death so too God’s bride also worthy of death.

Adam, in love with Eve, knowingly ate of the forbidden fruit hoping that God loved him enough to spare them both. Jesus, the last Adam, became sin for all of us trusting that God would not allow him to see corruption but would raise him on the third day. Through Adam’s sin all men died but through Christ sacrifice all men have the opportunity to live forever.

Jesus Christ was “God with us” when He walked the earth. When Christ spoke God spoke. When Christ touched you God touched you. Jesus was the exact representation of our heavenly Father and Jesus did the works of this Father while on earth.

Now we are, as the body of Christ, “God with us” as we walk the earth. Though many of us are not there yet, there will come a day that when we speak it will be as if God speaks. There will come a time that when we touch someone it will be as if God touches them. All who come to us shall be healed both physically and spiritually. We will be the manifested sons of God and Christ, through us, will walk the earth once again and many will be saved.

So who are you? You are God manifest in the flesh to the degree that you yield to His Spirit. You are Emmanuel. You are part of the last Adam, a life giving spirit. This is your destiny.

So why does your life appear so terrible now? It is because you are afraid to yield to God’s Spirit. You are bottling up the spirit of Christ within you.

So how do you change this? You change this by connecting with other members of the Body of Christ and becoming one with God. Becoming one with God simply means that you listen to His Spirit and do what He says when He says to do it. It is no more complicated with that. Becoming one with the Body of Christ means that you seek out and join with those parts of Christ’s body that God leads you to connect with. Make the effort to get together over the phone or in person. Make becoming part of the Body of Christ as top priority in your life so that you can strengthen them and they can strengthen you. There is a reason that Jesus says that where two or three are gathered together in His name there is He in their midst.