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100% real

100% Real Is What We All Want

There is something deep inside everyone that instinctively responds to 100% real. We know in our spirits when something is true even if it doesn’t make much sense to our heads. Many times we call this “gut” instinct. However, I personally think it is just our spirits reacting to the presence of God.

It took me a long time to see this truth, because I was taught to prove all things scripturally. In fact, I was told that if you couldn’t prove your doctrine with chapter and verse it simply didn’t exist.

That’s a terrible way to live!

What a terrible and restrictive way to live! I finally made the connection (through revelation) that eating of the knowledge of good was killing me. As long as I shackled my mind to what I could understand, it felt like I was dying inside. Only as I trusted God and listened to His voice did life begin to seep back into my soul.

Spiritual connections within the Body of Christ are 100% real. They exist between members of Christ’s body, often in incredible spiritual and physical intimacy. I experience the power of God’s divine love through my spiritual connections daily. We connect with His Spirit in such a holy, pure, agape love, it’s simply not of this world. I’ve literally put off my shame to embrace God in another human being.

A whole new spiritual world

There is a whole supernatural world of experiences awaiting those who open up their hearts and minds to God’s Spirit. God allows us to be present with each other in the Spirit just like Paul was present at the church of Corinth. We translate in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, to any time, place or realm God desires to take us. Becoming one to a degree impossible on this earth, we feel the first love of Eden coursing through our hearts and spirits towards our connections.

Faith is a skill we must train ourselves to use. What happens with many is that the moment God does something truly supernatural, they either dismiss it, fear it, or dare not call it what it really is. This tends to shut down the experience before it even begins. What we should do is suspend our natural minds until we have the full experience and only then evaluate it.

There’s a whole lotta translation going on

The truth is that many translate all the time. We go to others when we feel their need. We travel to distant lands or even times in night visions. Sometimes we stand in Eden or in places like Eden in the New Heavens and New Earth. Often we are with our spiritual connections even as we slumber. However, because many dismiss these heavenly experiences as “impossible” they never enter into His rest.

I have stood both in Eden and in the world to come. I have walked beside the rivers that issue out from under the threshold of God’s house in the millennium. I’ve touched the feathers of the wings of the Cherubim and seen the fires of creation. Witnessed to people in different places and times as God led. At any point during these amazing experiences, if I would have questioned them with my natural mind, I’d have immediately dropped out of them.

The only real power we have is God in us, the hope of glory

We are not powerful beings of light as new age practitioners would have us believe, we are just men and women like anyone else. Only God is powerful and able to transport us through space and time. These experiences are 100% real, just as is our God who makes them possible.

We are about to enter into a time of great spirtual demonstration, both through true miracles in Christ and in lying wonders of the Antichrist. Natural mined people will follow after the son of perdition while those who hear God’s voice will rise up to meet Jesus in the air.

All that God has to give you is 100% real

In conclusion, receive all God does with joy and thanksgiving. It is our privilege and honor to unite with YHWH completely. We want to be one with YHWH in every way possible. As Christ was one with our Father, so we are one with Him in Christ. Divine Union goes way deeper than anyone suspects. It’s time to get 100% real with God. Be ready by purposely opening up your hearts and minds to fully enter into His rest. Amen.

Heartbeat by Beckah Shae