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100% right


Christians Have All The Time In The World


Below is a video link that demonstrates the type of revelation that is available to the Body of Christ in our day.  It is way beyond what you have learned in most churches.  It is not so much that any one person has to be a 100% right, it is more a realization that everyone can hear the voice of God for themselves.  When you stop being a slave to what other people say, you begin to enlarge your boarders and live in a bigger world.

Justin Abraham is not limited by what other people say, but only by what God reveals to Him.  Therefore, new revelation ways of seeing things can be explored.  This is very important, because what we need to know in our day isn’t what people in past centuries needed.  This “current” revelation feeds and informs us now.  It is fresh manna from heaven.


The Holy Spirit is the only one who is 100% right


This generation of Christians is learning to live purely by revelation.  God gives revelation to us as individuals, yet when we compare notes, we are of one heart and soul.  Submission to God’s Spirit means submission to His will and scince God is one, we are one too.

Moreover, it is doesn’t matter if we are 100% right.  We look through a glass darkly and know in part.  However, the truth becomes clearer and clearer as we grow into the fulness and stature of Christ.  When you read my writings or listen to someone like Justin Abraham, listen to what God speaks to you and don’t worry about the rest.  Hear your Father’s voice through us and the parts that don’t seem right, leave for another time or dismiss althogether.  That is exactly what I do with those I meet, read, or listen too.


Doctrine is what someone else has told you to believe


Many people taught us what they think is right, however, we must experience God and learn what is right for us.  You are the only who can listen to the Holy Spirit for yourself.  Furthermore, you can’t go to heaven on someone elses faith, you must believe on your own.  Listen, hear, and obey on time what God says to your personally.  In this way you will know Jesus and He will know you.


Space + Time With Justin Paul Abraham