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Tabernacles Theology

Tabernacles Theology is, in its rough form, the theology of the next and final reformation. It is the culmination of a journey of revelation that has produce a theological framework that can hold, at least temporarily, the influx of new wine that is about to be poured out upon God’s people.

What I have written is very concentrated and, at times, may need to be diluted for consumption but, nevertheless, if you have the courage to do so it will go a long way with you and the people you share it with. It does not matter if you are learned or uneducated, rich or poor, eloquent or halting of speech, male or female, young or old, it only matters that you allow God to lead you by His Spirit and do your individual part. We are all one body of Christ each doing his or Her part in carrying out the will of Christ, our head.

It has always been with men who have received the word of God that the real work was done by disciples.  They have always needed interpreters to help the people understand what God is saying through them.  I used to get so baffled at the reaction that I would receive as apposed to what others would receive when they would preach what I taught, but in a greatly reduced or watered down way.  The fact of the matter is, having others run with these revelations is OK with me for just receiving and writing these things has been tough enough.  I am happy for others to take what God has shown and break it down for consumption by His people.

If you are one of these “interpreters”  take what makes sense to you and run with it.  You do not have to understand everything in order to share something.  It is a team effort and there will be many who do different things with the different parts that God is handing them. Just be faithful with your mission and trust God to bring the increase.

God bless,

Michael King