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Dear Connections

I have dealt with the spirit of Islam both here in the States and overseas in East Africa.  In fact, though I am a Christian, I have had Muslim friends from Iraq, Iran, Morocco, and Indonesia.  There are many things I admire about the people of those places,  however, I totally reject their Islamic belief system.

Jihadists at our universities


I dealt with one islamic teacher in a recent class at a university.  Essentially, under the guise of women gender studies, this individual used her position to evangelize students for Allah.  I found her prideful, intractable in anything she thought, and dismissive of all other viewpoints other than her closely held beliefs.  However, I wanted to know what Muhammadans’ believed so I made it my goal to delve deeply into the subject.

The fact is that their prophet, Muhammad, took Aisha (one of his wives) at age six and consummated their marriage at approximately age 9 or 10 when he was age 53.  Another wife, a Jewish woman, became Muhammad’s wife under threat.  He gave her the choice to marry him and save a hundred or so of her captured countrymen or have them become slaves if she refused.  Mohammad turned very violent in his old age and had approximately 600 men killed in a certain city by digging a long pit in the middle of the town and beheading them.  For the next few centuries after his death, Wahabi followers of the prophet spread terror and carnage throughout the middle east and europe in their zeal to spread Islam.

The sword of Islam

Islam is not a religion of peace and anyone who says so is either lying to you (which is perfectly ok to do to infidels) or are ignorant of what Islam truly teaches.  Islam teaches jihad (total war) in every form possible, with non-believers.  Currently, there has been a resurgence of violent Jihad with Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and most recently ISIS.  ISIS is the more true to form of these groups and persecutes and kills, in truly barbaric ways, Christians as well as Muslims.  These groups are not aberrant offshoots of Muhammad’s beliefs, but are in fact true Islam as it has been practiced down throughout the centuries.

In western countries, Jihadist practice their war in its less violent forms.  Many times Muslims wage Jihad through proselytization and sharia courts. Currently, Jihadists are using legal system to force their ways upon our societies.  However, whatever form Jihad takes for them, their goal is always complete dominantion.   While Islamic apologists claim that we must be tolerant of their ways, in predominantly muslim countries there is little if any freedom of religion.  In fact, if you own a Bible, you can be jailed or worse in many muslim countries.

True Islam is implacable

My experience with this teacher, who seems like she was converted in Yemen, was one of the worst experiences in my entire academic career.  I hated the arrogence and her implacable attitude towards differing viewpoints.  I believe I came in contact with true Islam through her and I recoiled at it.

In conclusion,  Islam is a false and dangerous religion.  Muhammad was antichrist and his followers, to this day, deny both Christ’s virgin birth and his death on the cross.  When Islam appears reasonable they are in fact practicing Taqiya which permits them to lie and conceal their beliefs when they feel threatened.  Islamist’s feel threatened by everything.

Unless God anoints you

Finally, though Islam is evil, those who believe are not.  Be Spirit led when talking to Islamists because they do not listen to reason or logic.  The only thing that reaches them is revelation given in the Spirit of Love.

God bless,


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