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seraph in the making

Believe Me, You Don’t Want To Miss This

While some are still arguing about the finer points of theology, what is portrayed above is happening. What we are witnessing is a Seraph in the making. This is a blessed event and we are privileged to live in the day that it happens. This is the church of Philadelphia, the Bride of Christ, the greater Shunnamite.

It is sometimes difficult to convey spiritual things in earthly terms. While the Bride of Christ is one, she is made up of many. God’s Seraph in the making is from all peoples, tongues, genders, ages and times. Like the four faces of the living creatures, what we see in this realm is only an approximation of the Brides’ actual existence. While many want God’s truths to conform to their natural reasoning, only supernatural revelation can help us know what YHWH is really talking about.

The awesome power of a holy kiss

For instance, recently a prophet was wondering why it is proper for one saint to kiss another. Though she believes that a holy kiss is scriptural, how can we be so intimate with another and not be turned on? In a night vision, she met a man of whom she asked this same question. He said, “I will show you”. As they kissed it was like his and her spirits unfolded and left their bodies ascending up into heaven and when their lips met again, an explosion in the spirit happened so powerful you could see the shockwave radiate out of the ground, knocking over everything in its path. From this, she understood that a holy kiss is not primarily a physical act, but a spiritual event.

In a second dream, she met her daughter. As her daughter approached, she began to radiate light. Suddenly, she transformed into a mature woman, but still sounded like a daughter as she spoke. The light that emanated from her continued to increase. They found themselves in a house and she exclaimed, “The light coming from you is so bright, I don’t even have to turn on the lights!” Just as the Lamb is the lamp of New Jerusalem, her daughter was the light of that house. In fact, while in the dream she said that the home was a light house.

One body, many members

In the video above, many people see a concert, but I see a Seraph in the making. There is music, emotion and a genuine desire to worship God. However, what is going on at this event is much more than meets our natural eyes. What is happening is Spiritual Connection on a mass scale. The singers, musicians, and worshippers are becoming one in Him. The face of that whole concert, Taya Smith, is a beautiful, yielded, pure, holy woman who is so in love with Jesus. Her one desire is to allow God to take her anywhere He desires. No reservation, to inhibition, no barriers, only pure, unadulterated love for her Bridegroom.

In that colosseum, peoples’ spirits are connecting to one another as they connect to God. Though they are many, they act as one person before the Most High. They move as one as the breath of God fills their beings. The singer and musicians are in perfect harmony, manifesting God through their eyes, their voices, and their instruments. This is truly a foretaste of heaven.

A Seraph in the making

Taken together, we are a Seraph of the Most High God. The mystery of the church is that we are a Seraph in the making. In this day, in our generation, we are witnessing the birth and fruition of another Divine Mate of God Almighty. We are the chosen replacement for fallen Lucifer and we will be the covering Cherub for the new creation of God.

Jesus says,

” Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name. “

Revelation 3:12

Seraphs are in the temple of the Most High crying “Holy, Holy, Holy” day and night. The new name that God engraves upon our hearts and our foreheads is the name He gives to His beloved Seraph. We come down out of heaven as God’s covering for His new creation.

New Jerusalem is simply the old Jerusalem that used to be in the sides of the north upon the holy mountain of God. Lucifer was the cherub that covered, but failed in her duty. When man sinned, God lifted off of them in tongues of fire and left in a mighty rushing wind. YHWH withdrew His presence from mankind and left the earth, taking His temple, great city, and the tree of life with Him. It is in heaven to this very day.

What makes New Jerusalem new?

As that eternal city, built without hands, descends into God’s New Heavens and New Earth, what makes it new is the Bride of Christ. We are the covering cherub of that new creation and that city that sets on a hill is illuminated by God in Christ. However, we are His body and therefore we are transfigured too, showing forth the light of God as well.

In conclusion, these worshippers are experiencing a foretaste of the world to come. Doctrine is the last thing on their minds for they are one body, soul, and spirit, enraptured by Christ. Their only doctrine is Love for they are a Seraph in the making. Do not miss this, for this is way more important than being theologically correct. Let God take you away and join with the millions who are preparing themselves to meet Christ in the air.

Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” as a worship song expresses our heart towards Jesus