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Female muses inspire genius in men

Women are often a source of inspiration to men, and Abishag was perhaps one of the best examples. Many scholars believe that this girl, from the province of Shulam, is the woman Solomon loved and wrote about in the Song of Solomon.

Yesterday, God shared with me a revelation about Abishag and it is this:

The beauty, affection, and even eroticism that Abishag showed towards the king of Israel is what inspired Solomon. In other words, without Abishag’s love, there would be no Song of Solomon.

Abishag’s role in the creation of the epic love song, showing God’s heart towards His Bride, was to be the most loving, sensual woman possible. As she loved the king, she became Solomon’s muse and inspired his genius.

Be a garden of his delights

Many women struggle with the desire to be sensuous – somehow proper girls don’t do that. However, God made the daughters of Eve beautiful and pleasing precisely in order to inspire their men to greatness. The Song of Solomon is not possible without Abishag being his garden of delights, and it was God’s perfect will that she be so.

The greater Abishag, the Bride of Christ, literally inspires Jesus to prepare a place for her. It is her love that draws him to return to Earth and catch her away. She was the joy that was set before Him, allowing Him to endure the suffering of the cross. God, like Adam, needs a mate suitable for Him. As we yield to His love, we become the object of God’s desire. This is the mystery of the church.

The Bride of Christ is a Seraph of the Most High

The nature of a woman is to complete the man she loves. She adds what he lacks and inspires him to greatness. Together, the two become one flesh and YHWH calls that very good. To yield yourself to a deep and abiding love and to express that in every way possible as God leads, is the very purpose of creation. As you love the one God gives you, you love God himself.

In the coming move of Tabernacles, God will unlock the vast riches of the Body of Christ through loving one another in Him. Our Father will join us together, according to His wisdom, as He sees fit. This joining will not conform to the church’s present concept of purity. The power of the body of Christ will come from Divine Union and the Tabernacle Blessing that flows out from those connections.

What God joins together

However, the manner in which God chooses to unite us will be very different than what most imagine holiness is. The Bride of Christ will be quite sensual in nature, because her time of love has come. Like Abishag, she will manifest God’s will in beautiful and provocative ways, loving the greater Solomon with everything in her. Though none of her actions will be unholy, those who compare her with the world and judge her by tradition, will not understand.

Women, who are led by the Holy Spirit, will love as God loves. Men, who are moved by the Holy Ghost will love women as Christ loves the church. The Bride will revert to the first love of Eden and show affection to one another without shame. This is what it means to be restored into His image and into His likeness. A Holy Kiss is holy because God, who kisses through us, is holy. It is the Spirit in us, acting through us, that makes any affection we show to one another holy.

We aspire to be the wife of Christ

In the end, we must realize that the Bride is making herself ready, in every sense of the word, to be the wife of Christ. The nature of true love is to express itself physically, and the future wife of the Most High is no exception to that rule. Part of the coming move of God is a holy sensuality that will shock and surprise the world. The hallmark of the spiritual move of Tabernacles is love, shown to one another as His Spirit leads. A word to the wise is sufficient. Amen.

The Bride of Christ is about to express her love to Jesus and you will be part of it.

Sensual Dance by Kike Y Nahir