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Perfect In Beauty

And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”

Genesis 2:21-23

It seems the further back you go, even to the very beginning of the book of Genesis, the more significant events and lessons derived from them are.

The literal word

I believe that, unless there are clear reasons not to, events in the Bible should be interpreted literally.  For example, when God said that the Messiah would be born of a virgin He literally ment born of a virgin.  Likewise, when the scriptures state that God took one of Adam’s ribs and fashioned Eve from it, that is literally what happened.  With that premise in mind, consider what possible insights we can glean from the mother of all living.

To begin with, a woman’s nature is derived from how God created her.  She is not a whole person missing a part, but a missing part of a whole person.  In the beginning Eve was near Adam’s heart and covered by him.  This is still, in a very primal way, where every woman feels most comfortable.  Ladies desire to be near the heart of their man, covered and protected by him.  Females literally desire, as much as physically possible, oneness. Daughters of Eve, desire to be bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh.

Near to his heart

adam's rib

Her most natural place, relative to her man, is to be a support just as she originally was within the first Adam.  She desires to hold and help protect his heart and go where he goes, always being by his side.  Everything that a woman is flows out of her genesis and she is this way because of how God created Eve.

A woman’s submission to her man is not something she has to force, but something that comes naturally.  She submits to her mate as she submits to God.  It is a beautiful thing akin to watching a majestic bird soar in the sky.  A woman, when fully in her element (submission), is an amazing creature.

Covered by his love

When a man covers a woman she feels complete again.  This act of marriage is the basis of her submission.  It is in her nature to unite with Adam and help complete him.  He covers all of her and she covers a part of him and they both become whole again.  This is the essence of unity and is a picture of the  spiritual love relationship God wants to have with His bride through His Son Jesus Christ.  Believers unite with God through becoming one body, soul, and spirit in Him.

God reveals the mystery of the Church in these last days because the marriage supper of the Lamb is imminent.  The Bride of Christ makes herself ready to wed her fiance’.  The marriage supper is a prelude to the consummation of marriage, thus our thoughts and His thoughts naturally turn towards intimacy.  We begin to realize that much of the way a man is with a maid points to spiritual truths between God and us.   The picture of sexual union illuminates the degree of oneness God desires to experience with His Bride.

Hell hath no fury, like an Seraph scorned

The Devil hates Eve with a malevolence and fury not of this Earth.   Our adversary wants to destroy the daughters of Eve.  Fallen Lucifer despises females.  Satan wants them to loathe their first estate.  The father of lies pushes females to change their natural use into that which is unnatural through making it seem better to be with another woman than with a man.

The Devil wants to cut out the very flesh which makes women unique and special by promoting hysterectomy on a mass scale.  Satan seeks to destroy the fruit of Eve’s womb even before they have a chance to catch their first breath.  It’s nothing less than total war on women waged by an enraged arch angel.  Lucifer is now a twisted Demon that will not accept the fact that God made someone more beautiful than he.

Men must strive to understand a woman’s nature so that we live with them in wisdom and with compassion.  A woman’s place is literally by our side.  Like a rib, they are dependent upon us for everything.  We cover them and keep them safe because they are part of us.  Men live and move in the world, but women desire to nurture and be with us because we are their world.  We should not cast them away, if possible, because without a covering they are vulnerable.

The harlot rides the Dragon

The spirit of the Harlot Church is beginning to dominate this age, seeking to ride and control the coming world government.  Observe that the United Nations and almost every other government agency is all about women’s rights and empowerment.  Mass media portrays all women as victims and second class citizens.  They preach that only the government can protect, support, and promote women.  Ungodly people blame men for the female condition, driving a wedge between the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve.

Our governments, seeking to replace almost every aspect of a husband’s duty, leave women truly unprotected.  Women become political pawns used and manipulated by unscrupulous men.  Fallen men only seek their votes to gain and keep power.  By doing whatever women want they degrade and disrespect all females in our society.  Politicians’ flattery seeks to deceive women.  However, in reality, these modern-day Ahabs do not protect women from the consequences of their actions.

God gave men authority over women for good reasons

God gives men authority over women because sometimes we must say no when women want to hear yes.  Real men say no to abortion.  Women need someone to value them and their unborn children when they are scared and confused.  Men of God say no when feminists despise marriage.  Men stand strong in the gap as the world seeks to make women into the image of the Harlot church.

If you are Adam’s rib, live according to God’s design

adam's rib

Christians are in this world but we are not of it.  True believers don’t despise the handiwork of their creator, but seek to fulfill His design with all their might.  There is nothing wrong with a woman simply wanting to be Adam’s rib.  There’s no shame, like the mother of all living, in just wanting to have children and care for them.  It’s not wrong to, like Sarah,  call your husband lord out of respect and reverence.  In essence, it’s not wrong to be the rib God meant you to be.

In conclusion, the fashion of this world is passing away, therefore, don’t conform to it.  We are citizens of a heavenly kingdom.  As men and women from that far country we do not need to ever apologize for being different.  Our home, the kingdom of heaven, is a place where everyone hopes to go.  Men be men and let women be the rib God made them to be.  In this way we will fulfill the design of our Creator.

Adam’s rib, In Your First Estate, You’re Magnificent