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afraid of islam

Why We Are Afraid Of Muslims by Dr. Bill Warner

Have you ever wondered why so many pander to

Islam? Why are so many afraid, like US president

Obama, to call the people attacking those in Paris, France

and San Bernardino, California radical Islamic terrorists?

This is a very interesting video and well worth the time to

watch in its entirety.

People are afraid of Islam because it is not a religion of peace.  It is a belief system which seeks to subjugate and dominate all people.  Muhammad is not a prophet or holy man of any stature, but merely a gifted politician that used usurped the idea of being God’s mouthpiece to further his own agenda.

Christianity needs to wake up to its near total ineffectiveness against the red crescent.  What we need is a totally new way of approaching those bound in Islam.  I say that this new way is the Tabernacle  Experience with its manifestation of Divine Love.

Why we are afraid of Islam

Islam is natural minded and as such is prepared to resist natural minded Christians.  What Islam is not prepared for and cannot deal with are Spirit led believer who manifest the Spirit of Christ.  Tabernacle Christians do not need to be afraid of Islam.

Divine love cuts through Islam as a hot knife through butter.  In fact, for those who manifest oneness with God, it is as if Islam does not even exist.  This is the only way there will be significant progress towards accepting the Gospel in Islamic dominated lands.

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