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the beginning


In Christian circles, there is very little written about Spiritual Unions. Even if you can find it, usually it is not made plain what it is or how it happened. Therefore, many who experience Divine Mates don’t really know how to fit what God is doing into their Christian walk.

What we are attempting to do, here at Tabernacles Central, is document real spiritual connections, without filtering the experience. We want to make it available raw and uncensored so you can have an example of how our Lord works in such unions.

To that end, we are sharing how God worked in such a union in this series. To those who have not experienced this level of Divine Love through another human being, what we say may be challenging. However, to those who are being drawn this way, these perspectives will be a revelation.



About The Beginning…

Once upon a time

*This story begins with Emma, a 14-year-old girl, and her experience of a friend, a companion, a future lover who came to her regularly in visions or dreams – yet for her it was real, a supernatural meeting that was beyond imagination. She had clearly seen his face and knew his name, for they knew each other, even from their first supernatural visit. Their closeness, their conversations, and their clear spiritual connection brought peace and joy and a sense of rightness to them both. Until that tragic day when someone – something – took him away from her, holding her back and keeping her from chasing him – that day the supernatural visitations stopped begins our story.

Where is he going?! Why are you taking him away from me?!

My heart sank – no, started to die – as I saw them carry him away over the hill to – where?  He disappeared from view until he vanished from my sight. 

Wrong! This was so wrong on so many levels! He is mine; he IS me!.. and he belongs with me, I know this in my soul!  That’s why he is always near, always within an arm’s reach. We both feel complete when physically close, in the same room, in the same conversation, touching each other, or close enough to touch when the need comes over us, as it frequently does.

A timeless union

This feeling of a timeless union is our oneness.  It is our eternity.  The profound feeling we have is as if God has connected our souls… .When?  Long ago. . .and for eternity.  Timeless, ageless, eternal is our bond.  Our Creator assigned us as two parts, made into one person by His love. I live in him and he lives in me, and we are one in everything. Sharing every thought, every desire, every plan, and dream…No, it was one thought, one desire, one plan, and one dream.  Everything is right with us as we are close. No barriers, nothing hidden, and nothing to divide. YHWH designed us for this, for this is oneness and wholeness and that is who we are.  Rightness from the beginning of time and lived in right now; assigned to each other as part of God’s grand design.

But now…, who was this ripping us apart? A terrible ripping, a tearing of our very spirits and souls that feels so wrong and so destructive, maiming our souls and spirits. How could we even attempt to be separated? This was so wrong! It was a kind of spiritual and emotional death.  I knew deep in my spirit this was not what God intended, nor what He desired, totally misaligned with what He wrote about us from the foundation of this world.

The temporary triumph of evil

I heard demons screaming with delight – celebrating a victory for the darkness! They drove the Divine Pair, chosen by God to walk in His Oneness, apart! Not only that, that same demonic strength threatened to hover over us for the rest of our earthly lives, preventing our reunion; that is, unless God had His way. . .

Time In A Bottle

To be continued…