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arms open wide

Dear Connections,

Today, I am going to sit down and talk with you personally.  Don’t worry, there is no one here but you and me right now.  We can put all the pretences and facades aside for the time being; God sees everything in us anyway.

Recently, my heavenly Husband (YHWH) has been showing me that in order to speak to the Bride of Christ, I first need to be vulnerable to her.  Like many, my past is full of trials and tribulations, a great deal of them having to do with Christians.  Therefore (again like many) I find it difficult to open up and be vulnerable to others, mainly because all I have mostly known from them is hurt.

There is nothing wrong with you

I used to think there was something wrong with me personally.  I just could not fathom why things between me and other believers kept turning sour.  Finally, I have come to realize, that it was the enemy of my soul, fallen Lucifer and her demons, that have been persecuting me all these years. Also, because I am spiritually empathic, I feel things deeper that some. Thus, when demons wanted to hurt me, they used those around me to do so. We have all made our share of mistakes and I don’t blame them now, I just realize what is going on.

However, and in spite of all that, God says I must be willing to live with my arms open wide in order to encourage others to trust and open up.  One friend said recently, the mere fact that I used a mild curse word in one of my writings actually spoke to him.  Being real, even in the smallest ways, can be an unexpected blessing to others.

Why I speak of Holy Intimacy

I speak about many very intimate things in my writings.  Why do I risk this?  It is because others who experience such things usually think that they are the only ones. Sometimes, the Devil puts fear in our hearts to isolate us. Though God does amazing things, many hide their true selves.

During the move of connections, a very beautiful, young woman came to me, and with a straight face, told me she had made love to Jesus.  Then, calm as could be, she describe how it happened and how transported she felt by the experience.  I, being a young man, sat transfixed, listening to her speak about making love to God.  At the time, I guess because of the anointing, her story seemed like the most natural thing in the world.  With her arms open wide she told me about her heavenly joining, I accepted it, and that was that.

Living with your arms open wide is a marvelous thing

However, I have always marveled at her openness and vulnerability. To this day I remember vividly how holiness manifested as she spoke about loving her Lord.  In fact, when I write about Divine Love, I’m always encouraged by her example.  Her testimony was so holy, so pure, and so right, I will never forget the look of utter peace and serenity on her face.

The Bride of Christ desires intimacy with God, but she is shy and unsure.  Feeling deep stirrings of desire, the future wife of YHWH, wants to express her love, but does not know how.  Only as God loves Her tenderly, can she open up and express her love.  In essence, this is what the Final Feast is all about.

God fashioned you for such a time as this

Like I said, it is just you and I here today, so you can relax.  I know it is difficult to come out from the shadows after so many have misunderstood and abused you.  Many of us resigned ourselves to never being able to feel a part of anything.  However, know that God fashioned you for such a time as this.  You were simply an easy target, because Demons recognized who you are before you did.

Finally, it takes time to learn how to love God with your arms open wide.  Everyone is clumsy at first, but lovers find their way.  None of us have approached God correctly or consistently.  However, God is a patient lover and is wooing us gently.  Allow yourself to relax and simply enjoy His presence in the amount you can handle and don’t worry: God is with you.

God Is Love