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It is written,

“And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.”

Genesis 1:31

God is a creator of order.  Our Father plans out what He wants to do and then fulfills His desires through through speaking it into existence. The word of God in the scriptures and through speaking to us as individuals is literally a creative act just like when God said, “let there be light.” Obviously, our creation is a marvel of intelligent design.  When YHWH finished the heavens and earth on the sixth day, satisfied with what He had made, He said it was “very good.”

The point I wish to make today is that God “intended” to create the heavens and the earth all that lives therein.   Our Father did not do things haphazardly but He created with purpose.  The plan of God is perfect and we should therefore, as followers of “the way,”  submit to His intent for us.

To me, it has always made sense that the “best way” is always God’s way.  It matters not what that way may be, but only that it is our Father’s intended way.  Any other way is automatically less than perfect and not worthy to follow.  This is why all other religions are false.

To become like Christ we must give up what we intend and give ourselves over to what God intends.  We do this by faith knowing that even if we cannot understand His ways that our Creator’s intent for us is always loving and good.

We are sometimes double minded people who say we believe one thing but do another.  This type of Christian facade is considered normal and no one really even bothers to point out that this is compromise anymore.  We are used to the emperor having no clothes and are, in fact, fine with it.  Everyone else is believing a lie so why not go along to get along?

Such behavior, though common,  is not true Christianity.  This is a paper mache’ substitute that looks a bit like the real thing but has no real substance to it.  We look like Christians but we act like the rest of the world.  We have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof.  We, in short, do not live as God intended.


So what then, brethren, are we to do?  


How do we live as God intended?  


Unfortunately, we are so far from God it is difficult to answer these questions in a way that we can understand.  However, I will give you as much as I know about how to live as God intended.

  1.  We must desire to live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God today.  This means that we all must give up living by what we think is good and start to live by what our Father’s Spirit speaks to us every hour of every day.
  2. We must consciously decide to believe the Holy Spirit more than we believe what we think it is true.  We must forsake the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Every time God says one thing and we do another we sin.
  3. We must allow God to join us to the other members of the body of Christ so that we can become one in Him.  This is done through yielding to and being filled with His love.  It is a spiritual experience that God wants to pour out upon all who will receive it.
  4. We must let go of the fear of what “may happen” if we obey the voice of God in our lives.  We must trust our Father more than we trust our five senses.  We must listen to God rather than men.  We must have faith that if we do His will then our God will honor His will.

In practical terms this means that when we get up in the morning that we pray and ask God what He wants us to do.  Whatever He speaks we do it when He says to do it. We have no agenda because we are simply ready and willing to do His agenda.


How does God speak to us?


(If you are filled with the Holy Spirit then God will speak to you from within simply because He dwells within you – John 14:17.  It is a still small voice that you hear in your mind when He talks – 1 Kings 19:12.  This is the primary way God will speak to you if you will listen to Him – John 10:27.)

In daily life most people have a set routine which they believe they must do in order to survive.  Peoples lives are set up according to a life time of experience of doing things their way.  To allow God to have complete control of our lives is a very unnerving feeling and can cause panic when what God wants to do disturbs our rut.

Most people cannot “let go and let God” all at once.  We are so used to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that we fear to leave it for very long.  What I suggest is that you set aside an hour or two a week (to begin with) and pray and ask God what He wants to do with that time.  Whatever He says do it.  Just haul off and believe and see what happens.  In this way you will begin to give God pre-eminence in your life and you will begin to learn to hear His voice through trial and error. Don’t worry about making mistakes.  That is how you learn.  Note: please understand that God will not ask you to do something that is illegal or endangers yourself or others.  The most that will usually happen, if He asks you to do something odd and it does not work out, is embarrassment.

As you begin to know what is and is not God you will begin to trust His voice.  The reason that Jesus could walk on water is that everything that had ever happened between him and his Father taught him that if God said it he could do it.  Likewise, as you build a pattern of listening to God, hearing what He says, and doing it when He says to do it, walking in the Spirit will become second nature.

In conclusion, we need to live as God intended.  We must learn to hear His voice and know it personally so that we can be led by our Father’s Spirit rather than our own minds.  This is the path forward. We can start out taking baby steps until we get our footing and then advance from there.  It is ok to start small and work our way up as we gain more confidence in every word that our Father speaks.