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Back To The Garden

A living word

The Bible is a living book infused with the wisdom and knowledge of good and evil from God’s viewpoint.  It is a portal into the mind of God and a sermon from the most high about His thoughts and feelings towards mankind.  Taken in total, the word of God is an epic novel about the fall of God’s first son, Adam. The Bible narrates about God’s ultimate restoration of Adam’s descendants back to their pre-fallen state.  A story of how God, through Christ, delivers man from their original sin into sinless perfection.  In short, we are all on a journey “Back to the Garden”

Back to the Garden

When you consider our world and what it has become you must admit that God could not possibly have intended this from the beginning.  Suffering, injustice, and oppression are merely reflections, not of our Fathers divine design, but of a shattered and fragmented creation.  Even our very beings, though sin, split into body, soul, and spirit.  Essentially, this creation is damaged beyond repair.  Thus God will destroy it by fire until not even the atoms are left intact. As God spoke it in to existence, God speaks this cosmos out of existence.  it is written,

For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.”

Isaiah 65:17

The paradise we seek is not a restored Garden of Eden in this earth, but rather a new paradise in the New Heavens and New Earth.  Though we are provisionally saved in this creation, we are not yet experientially redeemed until we stand in that new creation.  Only when we stand on the shores of the New heavens and New earth will be be safe from the destruction of this present physical world. Thus, it is important for each one of us to realize that we are not of this world, but made for and destined to live in a new creation which God speaks into existence.  It is on this new world, this new Earth that those who know salvation dwell forever.

Lay up your treasures in heaven

This is precisely why Jesus said that we should not lay up for ourselves treasures on this Earth.  lay you treasure up in Heaven where it is incorruptible and secure.  People  focusing their attention only on the things of this life become earthly minded.  Natural minded men and women cannot accept that all we see shall fade while all we do not yet see shall endure.  The natural man cares more about the things of this world than the things of God. Those who focus only on the “here and now” will not make heaven their home.  They. along with this creation, will perish when God finally judges sin once and for all.

Beyond Eden

Our restoration is only fulfilled and completed in the “world to come” and not in the world we now see.  We become perfected and made complete in the New Heavens and New Earth wherein righteousness dwells.  This is the eternal kingdom of God.  let us focus on the the New Creation if we truly desire eternal life.

It is by My Spirit says the Lord

In conclusion, God wants each and every one of us to understand that our restoration to Adam’s pre-fallen state depends not upon our ability to tease out the truth of scripture, but upon our ability to hear His voice clearly.  Our entrance into His heavenly Kingdom is based upon our relationship with Him.  All that the people hold dear in this world is passing away.  I you wish to hang on to the things of this world, you will find you possess nothing in the end.

God is Spirit and those who wish to worship Him must do so in Spirit and in truth.  However, the truth that we need to know cannot be gained from natural minded study.  This is so, because the only truth there is comes through heavenly revelation.  To trust our own minds above God’s mind leads to spiritual death.  To trust in God’s voice above our minds, leads to spiritual life.  Resist the temptation to trust in mans theology.  Embrace every word that proceeds from the mouth of God for  you today.  Let the Holy Spirit teach you and enlighten the path before you.  In this way, and only in this way, will you find your way back to the garden.

The Call by Anointed