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There is coming a “Baptism of Love” that everyone who dares to hear and do the voice of God will find themselves immersed in. It is the very presence of God Himself falling upon you like a river of joy and peace.

Many mistakenly think that we will all come together through doctrinal agreement, but nothing could be further from the truth. The unity of the Body of Christ will only happen through the shared experience of the Baptism of Love. It is a spiritual experience and not an intellectual exercise. Divine love is something you are swept up in like a river. It is the very presence of God manifest in your flesh and you become love because He is Love.

Let God lead you into Divine Love

I am tired of the doctrinal police telling God’s people what the can and cannot think. People trying to brow beat others into their way of thinking while their own lives are miserable and ineffective. If you had something worth emulating we would all be doing what you do, but because you are a “concept” and not a “reality”, why would we wish to do as you do?

We all instinctively respond to love. It is who we are. It is where we long to live. True love is like a healing balm to our souls and it is what we long for. The reality is that what we long for is God Himself and through the baptism of Divine love, that is part and parcel with the spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles, we shall find what we seek.

Divine Love clarifies the world

True love sets everything right. God’s love makes you see straight. True love, God’s love from above, illuminates our minds like a incandescent lamp switched on in a dark place. The amount of revelation that people who yield to this outpouring of God’s love will receive is like nothing the world has experienced since Jesus walked the shores of Galilee.

When the Tabernacle experience falls upon us we will all be like pharisees meeting Jesus for the first time. Everything we think we know, everything that we’ve been taught is inviolate, will seem like filthy rags in the light of God’s revelation. Before our very eyes, there will be a paradigm shift as Divine Love fills our hearts. We will be forced to choose to simply accept God manifest in our flesh or draw back as we shield ourselves from the very light of creation.

The baptism of Divine Love makes the yoke easy

Jesus’s yoke is easy and his burden is lite when the love of God fills our hearts and flows through us to others. We connect, we become one, we lay down our lives so that others might live, because we have everything we could possibly want in Him. We begin to see beyond this life into the next. The world to come, the New Heavens and New Earth, becomes our reality.  This creation, which is passing away, becomes simply a way-station from which we will soon depart.

We are all living in an artificial construct that was never meant to be. Though we live in an imperfect world, deep inside we instinctively know everything should be perfect. All the striving we see in this world for perfection is simply an acknowledgement and longing for what once was. We have been literally fed corruption, but we yearn for that which right and pure and holy. As our minds and hearts begin to know and see the truth of our destiny we wake up to the fact that we are, indeed, the sons and daughters of a living God.

God is better than what they are giving you

When we meet God everything of this world becomes sawdust in our mouths. Spitting out what we are told to eat, we taste the true manna from heaven.  God with us, God in us, God through us is all we desire from that point and forward.

Wake up, you who sleep! Rouse yourselves from your slumber and open your eyes to the new dawn of mankind. We are the saved, we are the over-comers, we are the breath of God.  Through Divine Love we fulfill the great commission upon this Earth.  That day, my friends, is at hand.

Supernatural Baptism of Love by Leif Hetland and Sid Roth