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What Would You Do To Bring Heaven To Earth?

Elysia is a condition of our hearts, rather than a specific place. The concept of Elysia, which is a safe place to love, is wherever the body of Christ dwells in one accord. While our desire is to build such a place in this world, we must first become worthy of living in a place like Elysia.

Jesus says,

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

Luke 17:21

Without a willingness to live in God’s Divine Love, no place on earth will ever achieve a foretaste of heaven on earth. Though we build such a physical place with such a vision, if we do not allow God to live through us, Elysia will remain a vision and not a reality.

Becoming worthy of Elysia

Therefore, let us begin Elysia in our hearts, in preparation for building this sanctuary on earth. Let us do this, so that when we do move into Elysia, we will be worthy of it.

Elysia is a realm I describe in the Seraph Hunter book series. It is one of the seven realms God created in the beginning. The Chief Seraph of the realm is Dove. Though this is a fictional account of a place called Elysia, the principles and reality it depicts are real.

I believe there is a kingdom

There is a kingdom in heaven, where God is Lord over all. There is a Holy Spirit, symbolized by a dove, who is the expression of YHWH. We see a temple in heaven and there are Seraphim. What Elysia is, is an updated allegory for Heaven on Earth. It is a demonstration of a people who are wholly given over to His Spirit, daily allowing God to flow through them. It is an example of what the first-century church experienced when God gave them one heart and one soul.

Thus, no amount of money can build Elysia if the people who live there are not one with God and each other. This is not something that has to be present at the beginning, but it is a vision to which we aspire. Moreover, we don’t desire to attain it through putting our fleshly desires under strict rules, but we desire to become worthy of Elysia in our hearts through yielding to God’s Divine Love.

A laboratory of the Holy Spirit

Think of Elysia as a laboratory of God’s Spirit. A place to teach us and others, through actual experience, what it means to walk in the Spirit. A place where we eschew our natural minds in favor of listening, hearing, and obeying what God speaks to us individually. We are not perfect, nor do we demand others be, yet we all seek to hear God’s voice and do His will on earth as it is done in heaven.

Elysia will have permanent, semi-permanent, and short term residents, as well as temporary guests. It is a safe place to learn what the Tabernacle Blessing is and demonstrate that message to the world. Those who are weary and heavy-laden may come and refresh themselves in the presence of God’s love, learning what true grace and forgiveness are. Those who desire to learn the deeper things of Tabernacles will come and stay a while, soaking in revelation.

Elysia is all about revelation

Each day, we will have revelation meetings, perhaps once or more, where those who are experienced in Tabernacles can share. While we honor and love God’s written word, we will also give place to God’s present-spoken word, too.

Our motto is,

“Whatever is not of agape, is not of God.”

What this means, I don’t believe anyone knows fully, but we desire to find out.

In conclusion, if you desire to know God to your full potential, Elysia may be in your future. If you desire to follow Jesus, immersing yourself in the culture and exploration of Tabernacles, Elysia might be for you. However, you’ll have to decide to become worthy of Elysia, to find real peace, love, and joy. Amen.

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