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Being With These Essays

Your Searching For Him Has Led You Here…Now What?

What exactly are you searching for?  Are you looking for truth?  Do you wish to know what God’s plan for your life is?  Or are you desperately trying to find something, anything real in Christianity?

A wise person once remarked,

“If you want a different spiritual future, change your spiritual present.” 

In other words, if God seems far from you, “change your position.”  Many are so married to their way of seeing things that they are essentially blind to any other viewpoint..  However, perhaps we should stop defending our positions and begin to explore God’s Spirit together.

God is looking for those who are searching for Him

God is looking for those who will dare to believe Him.  Your Father is ready to take you into His confidence and teach you as His son or daughter. The path to God is an adventure and it is an individual and unique way that only you can walk.  John the Baptist was in the wilderness because no respectable synagogue would have Him.  Yet, living in camel’s-hair was exactly what He needed to do to become a voice in the wilderness.

Seek the Tabernacle Experience

In all journeys with God there is a time of solitude Elijah had it, John the Baptist had it, Jesus had it, and Paul the apostle had it.  God forges true men and women of faith in the wilderness.  Being by yourself with God is often necessary preparation for the task that He has chosen for you to do.

Though these writings can point the way to the Tabernacle Experience, you must make the journey yourself.  Set your feet upon the path that the Holy Spirit illuminates.  Take the first step and then, by faith, keep searching for Him.

Finally, God says,

“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”

Jeremiah 29:13

Song Of Solitude by Tom Booth