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Tabernacles Central: A Place to Connect

There has always been “hubs” of any new move of the Spirit. In Luther’s day it was Wittenburg. During the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 1901 it was Stone’s Folly, then later Azuza Street in 1906. In the last a greatest revival, Tabernacles will have a central hub too.

Towards that ends, we are putting up this website, dedicated to the Tabernacle Experience. Though God’s Divine Love has been pour out many times since the first century church, it has never realized it’s full potential. One of the reason for this is that their are no records left of those who entered into this experience. They other reason is that those who tried to embrace God’s love, were ruthlessly persecuted and wiped out.

Tabernacles transcends normative Christianity

The Tabernacle Experience will transcend Christianity, and pull in people from all faiths. Our shared experience will be Christ and Him crucified. We will fellowship based upon a common experience of God and not upon doctrine. Thought the essences of Tabernacle Christians will be Jesus, we will look little like normative Christianity.

I invite you to read and consider what God is saying to this generation. We stand before momentous events, both of God and of Satan. God wants to give strong revelation to those who have ears to hear.

Big hugs and lots of love,


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