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about us

About Us

(Full Disclosure For Those Interested To Know More About Us)

Why we provide full disclosure

There are many things that we believe which are considered heresy in the normative Christian church. Therefore, we feel that the full disclosure of our beliefs is a wise and necessary step so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not to fellowship with us.

  • The name of God is YHWH, the rest are titles given to Him to describe His nature and status. Jesus is YHWH saves. Jesus is also the name given to the son of God by divine revelation and is proper to use to refer to God’s son and God Himself.
  • God is love
  • Our God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient
  • God is one
  • The Lord Jesus Christ was born of a literal virgin and is the literal son of God
  • Jesus died for our sins and rose the third day for our justification
  • If we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ we will be saved from eternal torment in a literal lake of Fire.
  • We believe God speaks to anyone who will listen.  Therefore, it is essential to listen, hear, and obey on time what God says to you personally.
  • There are three steps to the perfection of the saints:
    1. Salvation,
    2. Holy Spirit Baptism
    3. Oneness with God. 

The Sign of Tabernacles

  • Intimacy is the “sign” of Tabernacles
  • YHWH is our future husband and we are a Seraph in the making
  • We live in the end times of the gentile church age and the Antichrist is about to be revealed
  • Water baptism is by full immersion
  • There have been many, literal raptures throughout the ages and there is a catching away of the saints during the Philadelphian church age.
  • Being born again is the resurrection from the dead and the glorification of our bodies.  Except for Jesus Christ, no one has been born again yet.   You must be born again to enter into the New Heavens and New Earth
  • Oneness with God causes us to become love.  The manifestation of YHWH’s divine love is spiritual connections between believers and Himself.  This revelation of God’s love is sometimes, though not always, intimate to the degree the Holy Spirit leads.
  • The institution of marriage was not created by God.  God spiritually unites people through the leading of His Holy Spirit and sometimes that results in Divine Mates.   Only Divine unions authored by YHWH between men and women will continue into the world to come.

God Grants Divine Divorce

  • God grants Divine Divorce to correct foolish vows.
  • All sexual sin is simply inappropriate sex.  True agape love from above does no harm and never behaves inappropriately towards another.  Inappropriate intimacy, especially with minors, is strictly forbidden. Unselfish love would not do anything to compromise or take advantage of another person.  All intimacy, in whatever form it takes, must be Spirit lead and adhere to the heart and intent of agape love.
  • We believe God created the Heavens and the Earth in a literal 6 day period and rested on the seventh day.  We make no accommodation in our theology for evolution whatsoever other than to recognize that natural selection within species does occur.  Therefore the earth and the universe is approximately 6000 years old.
  • We believe in a literal New Heavens and New Earth which God creates after He destroys this present creation by fire.
  • God wishes to bring forth “after His kind” through Divine Mates He joins by the leading of His Holy Spirit.

God cannot die

  • Jesus Christ is the son of God, but not God Himself.  The man Christ Jesus died on the cross, not God.  God cannot die.  Now that Christ has been glorified there is no difference between the son and His father, they are one.
  • The Old testament is inspired right down the jot and tittle.  However, in the New Testament, only the four gospels and the book of revelation is inspired to this degree.  The epistles that Paul and the letters other apostles wrote are inspired to a lessor degree.  God never meant these epistles to constrain what God would do in the future through His believers. Raising the apostolic epistiles to the status of holy writ has serverely retarded the maturation of the New Testament church.
  • Angels and demons are real and interact with men and women on a daily basis.  Lucifer is a fallen seraph who was the chief wife of YHWH.  Lucifer is the equivalent of female to God’s male.
  • We believe in loving and cherishing women as God intended.  We do not believe in feminism or in women power.

Salvation is by Faith

  • Salvation is by faith and not by works
  • We believe that God created human beings male and female.  While there are special cases where people have issues, we do not believe that any deviation from these God-given roles is proper.  We believe that the Judgement of Sodom and Gomorrah is God’s final word on the matter.
  • Strong Delusion rests upon the people of the world (including the church).  We believe that only Strong Revelation can dispell this darkness.
  • We believe in progressive revelation and that the word of God spoken today is just as important as the word of God spoken by the prophets and apostles.  It is the degree of inspiration that makes revelation important, not its antiquity.
  • We believe you do not have to be 100% correct to follow God.  We believe in changing our position to follow the Holy Spirit, therefore what we believe is not set in stone.  While some beliefs are fundamental to salvation, many are not and we are open to further revelation as God provides.

Michael’s Stand On Spiritual Connections

  • Michael King attended community Chapel & Bible Training Center during the early 80’s.  Michael’s stand on spiritual connections can be found “here”.  Though grateful for the foundation in the scriptures he received, Michael has moved on from that experience and now believes much differently than Don Barnett taught.
  • To be frank, we are just not that interested in doctrine. What we really love is revelation. It is not so much what you believe that makes a difference to us, but if you do what God tells you to do when He says to do it. All believers in Christ share this common ground. There is one Holy Spirit, therefore one truth. However, we are all pretty much a mess and until we let the Love of God freely flow between us, we will never come to a unity of the faith.

Who are we?

We are spirit lead Christians who love YHWH (God) and His son Jesus Christ.

Why are we doing this?

We are being led by the Holy Spirit to call the Bride of Christ to the wedding supper of the Lamb.  As such, we are speaking the revelation that God’s gives as clearly as we are able in order to spiritually connect with others God is calling to be His wife.  We believe in speaking spirit-to-spirit, which means we speak directly to your spirit and don’t explain things overly much.

Where are we located?

We do not have any central location.  Being of one heart and soul, we are distributed throughout the world in places many would never assume you would find believers.  We are part of the church of Philadelphia spoken of in the book of Revelation.  We are moved by God’s Spirit and are connected by His love.

When when do we meet?

We meet mostly online, however we are planing to have love feasts in various places to help facilitate the Bride of Christ.  Conant us for meeting location and times.

Contact us with further questions

First of all, we ask that you be led of the Holy Spirit to contact us.  Basically we are hoping to meet those God is calling to be part of His beloved Bride.  This means that we hope for a mutual recognition of our Father’s voice in one another.  We live by revelation and being lead of the Holy Spirit is what defines us.

Finally, if you feel called to learn more about we are doing in the Lord, fill out the form below and a member of Team Tabernacles will reply shortly.

The Third And Final Feast

Any time God brings about a new move of His Spirit, there are always forerunners. These are people who catch the vision first and run it with to announce the revelation to everyone else.

I know that I and those who are with me are just one among many fire brands that are lighting the fire of God. God blesses us with this mission and we take what our Father is doing very seriously.

Learn to listen , hear, and obey on time

The war that is going on over the souls of men is about to get a whole lot hotter. God urges His people to learn to listen, hear, and obey His Spirit now. Times are coming where being able to hear his voice will be paramount to our survival and, even more importantly, for the work of the ministry.

Much of what we believe is next-level revelation and challenges the foundations of what many believe. We invite you to simply read, listen to the Holy Spirit, and make a determination for yourselves about what is good and profitable.

Big hugs and lots of love,


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