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first love



The Tabernacle Experience is the love of Eden restored

God is beginning to restore the “first love of Eden” to his people. Much like He fills those who ask with the free gift of His Holy Spirit, YHWH fills us again with His love.

Until you experience God’s Divine Love flowing through you, it is difficult to imagine what it is like. Though we read about agape love, until we feel it for ourselves, it remains a theoretical perfection only.

God is love

The Tabernacles Experience is all about God’s nature revealing itself in us and through us. The scriptures state that “God is love,” therefore when we are fill with Him, we become love too.

This is something we all look forward too, i.e. being like Christ. However, it is in the working out of this love, we run into surprises. Like the Pharisees of Christ’s first coming, we expect God to line up with our beliefs. Since we are sure we know God, God must be like us. Therefore, if our Lord decides to come differently than we imagine Him to be, we balk at His presence.

God’s love stumbles the natural minded

Likewise, the manifestation, or revelation, of God’s love in and through His body of believers will stumble many. Many who look only upon the natural and do not accept Him through their spirit, will reject God’s love.

The truth is, that though the essence of the Edenic love is God, it looks nothing like our natural minds expect. Many will say that believers loving each other freely is sin, because it outwardly looks like what the church defines sexual sin. However, thought we will kiss each other, hold each other, do anything each other needs as lead by the holy spirit, our motives, and thus actions, are pure. Where there is no sin in our hearts there can be no sin in our action.

The first love of Eden

I encourage you to find out more about the first love of Eden. Consider what I say and search the scriptures to see if these things be true. Open your spirit to receive God’s revelation about His very nature. God’s love from above is what everyone needs and is what will truly heal a lost and hurting generation.

Big hugs and lots of love,