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Dear Spiritual Connections

I haven’t been writing on the Final Feast lately because I have been writing in private. The Rhema of God is still coming fast and furious, but I do not feel to share such special things with the public in general.  However, there is a phenomenon taking place in the realms of the Spirit which I want to address: i.e. Spiritual Connections.

Though I have written extensively about Spiritual Unions, in this essay I want to address those who currently are experiencing them. Those who are not familiar with these things may not understand what I write, but nevertheless I feel it is important to address these areas for the few that do.

The intensity of love

If you’re a Spiritual Connection you are feeling a special intensity of love that you never imagined possible. Scripture is becoming clearer to you than ever before. The expression of your love, both in and out of the Spirit, is off the scales and you feel closer to God than ever. At the same time you feel further and further removed from this world. The scripture that speaks of being “in the world but not of it” has special significance to you.

To help clear up some confusion about this subject, let me share a few fundamental truths.

Spiritual Connections are special and not of this world

Your Spiritual Union is born from above and is a reflection of your Spiritual Union that exists in eternity.  You are feeling a special love and union born from above as it exists currently in the New Heavens and New Earth. This is a difficult concept for natural minded people to grasp.  In fact, you actually have to experience it in order to believe it.  We all have some sense that we are more than was we seem to be in the world, but most never full wake up to this fact.

Thought I have experienced it, I’m barely able to wrap my mind around this concept too.  Suffice it to say, that somethings in God are beyond reason, special, and can only be seen by faith.  Like the Apostle Paul says, “we know in part…” and the rest we simply believe because we trust our Father’s voice.

God intends to unify the Body of Christ through Spiritual Connections

In these last days God will unify the Body of Christ through His divine love. As people yield to His Spirit they will unite in the special ways God desires. This experience ranges on a scale from brotherly love all the way to Spiritually sealed mates. The only marriage relationships that will survive this creation intact are those whom God joins together by His Spirit.

Basically, through our self-will and natural minds we have, in the main, married out of God’s will.  We are like the Israelites who intermarried from the surrounding idolatrous nations when they returned from Babylon to rebuild Jerusalem.  We have derailed God’s will in our lives and in our generations because most marriages are not joined by God and therefore He does not honor them.

Spiritual connections will remedy this sad state of affairs, but at a terrible price.  Just as the wayward men had to put away their heathen wives, so to will God break apart unauthorized marriages and then reform unions according to His will and wisdom.  The effects of Divine love is, in fact, one of the main reasons for the great apostacy.

God does not recognize earthy marriages He does not join

Many people, whom God connects together, wonder if they are sinning by loving another man or woman.  They feel their love is holy, special, and pure, but to be so united with someone other that their natural mate seems in-congruent. The truth is that Spiritual Unions, which God intends for mating, supersede all earthly commitments. If your present marriage was not joined together by God in the Spirit (and at His behest) you are not joined in the eyes of God. At most you have made an earthly contract which may or may not be sufficiently in the will of God to remain intact.  If God connects you to another man or woman you may be Spirit led, in some instances, to break your present commitment in order to join with another.

You can’t force God to honor anything

The folly of most believers is that they believe that God is bound to honor their choice of mate.  This is error and is one of the most significant ways the Devil messes up the plans of our Father.  By marrying out of the will of YHWH we significantly damage predestination and hamper His will being done on earth as it is in heaven.

Consequently, when we begin to come back into alignment with God’s will, everything in our lives which is not of Him must go.  Just as Jesus cleansed the temple in Jerusalem, when God comes to our temple, it must be cleansed too.

Truth is never easy to receive because the world’s viewpoint is always opposite of it. Apostate Church Leader brainwash us into thinking our marriages, blessed only by them, must be holy matrimony.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Only what God joins together should not man put asunder. If you did not marry in the will of God then He may disregard your marriage contract. God may do so because it was null and void in the first place.

Spiritual connections are the manifestation of the Sons of God.

The perfected church is a connected church. The scriptures speak of this church of brotherly love as Philadelphia. Philadelphian Christians love one another. This love, however, is a divine restoration of the first love of Eden and has nothing to do with earthly love. It is a love that passes all understanding. This love never fails because it is the manifestation of God himself.

If you follow the Holy Spirit you will experience the heavenly realms.

Divine Love is the gateway back to our pre-fallen state of Eden. It is the restoration of our innocence before God. When this happens to you it also restores your access to the spiritual realm. Here is a truth,

“Most people have no idea what I mean by what I just wrote.”

What I actually mean is that you will have spiritual experiences beyond what you have ever known. Time and space have no meaning in the Spirit. Therefore, physical limitations of this realm do no apply. Our natural minds limit ourselves to the earthly, however our spirits release us to the vast expanse of the heavenly.

You will have spiritual experiences that others will not and cannot comprehend through their natural minds. This is normal and you should not feel strange or awkward about it. Most of the things that Christians believe to be witchcraft and sorcery are but demonic bastardizations of real and holy experiences in God. As you begin to operate with your spiritual body many things that happen to you may seem vaguely similar to what spiritualists do.  However, understand that they took what God created in the Spirit and perverted it for their own ungodly uses.  When you yield to God by His Holy Spirit you do not have to fear these things, for they are your birthright.

I do not feel to write to the general Christian population any longer

I have written approximately 500 essays to Christians in general. Now, if I write publicly, I want to focus on those who are experiencing connection love and want to learn about this wonderful blessing.  I feel that those who are experiencing this truth need to have some encouragement and hope that they are not alone.

We are in a time like the days of Noah.  God has warned us for generations about the coming judgement and we have all had a tendency to say to ourselves, “everything is just like in the days of our fathers and so there is no need to worry.”

I am no speaking in hyperbole

The fact is, though, Noah was incapable of over stating the events that were about to take place.  The world was literally going to end. Likewise, do not think that you have read this essay by accident. When I speak about the changes that are taking place and the move of God, it is not possible to over state the dramatic impact of the events that are about to take place.

God is setting up His kingdom around us as I write.  Likewise, the Devil prepares people to receive his man of sin.  We are in the midst of STRONG DELUSION and most of us know it not. Truly, we are up against the end of the gentile church age and our time is short.  We must work while it is yet day, for the a night comes in which no man can work.

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