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spiritual exercises

Hear God’s Voice

Just as we exercise our bodies, we can exercise our spirits through allow them to hear and follow God. Many times God speaks to us, but we do not listen, but we are unfamiliar with hearing His voice.

But wait, their is hope, for we can choose to learn His voice, do His will, and experience His power. All we need to do is set aside time and focus on hearing His voice.

Build up your spirit

To that end, these spiritual exercises will help you both experience and learn about how God talks to you. Hearing God’s voice is a very individual experience that is a little different for each person. One way does not fit all people, that is why you must determine how YHWH speaks to you.

Another advantage of practice, is that when hearing God’s voice really counts, you will be familiar with it. When the chips are down, and you must know what to do, you will hear clearly.


Have patience, God does. He wants you to try, but it is not necessary you be perfect the first time your try. The purpose of practice is to make your mistakes when the cost of doing so is not severe.

Big hugs and lots of love,


Spirit Lead Me by Hillsong