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A Word of Encouragement

Often times, what people need more than anything else, is encouragement. Most of the time we are keenly aware of our short comings and challenges. What really helps us, though, is a simply word of encouragement that says, “I think you can do it!”

Often, the difference between what seems to be total disaster and what will be total victory, is just a sincere pray and a couple of hours. Like Jonah in the whales belly, when all seems lost, that is the time to worship God.

Words we need to hear

In the following essays, I share words of encouragement, testimonies of God’s greatness, and perspectives about faith. I have lived through many of these experiences and know, beyond doubt, that God is for us, not against us.

When we see God working in others lives, through first hand testimonies, it helps us believe too. God does not change. What He does with others, He will do with us. When we realize how great of Lord is, then our problems seem smaller.

Big hugs and lots of love,