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Africa is About To Get a Total Makeover from God.

It came to me a while ago, that the very places that Tabernacles love will take hold, are in the most ravaged places in Africa. God is about to send His love in waves to places like the Congo and Somalia. In ways we cannot yet image you, our Father is going to change the hearts of men and women.

The truth of Tabernacles is exactly the answer for the hate and anguish of Africa. True love from above is what this world needs and is the only power great enough to overcome generations of animosity.

Africa is for God

God is about to vanquish the darkness by the light of the world, Jesus Christ. As we allow Him to live through us, centuries of intractable problems will solve themselves in a day.

It is coming and it is already here. I am so thrilled to live at this time in history.

Big hugs and lots of love,


Emotional Allegiance by Johnny Clegg & Savuka