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الله أكبر

الله أكبر

When you grow up in a culture that is completely Muslim, it is difficult to imagine any other way of believing. However, if you have come to this page, God is trying to show you something different that will help you move closer to Him.

Muhammad does not promise you eternal life, Jesus does. Jesus promises you this based upon his authority, given to him by God, through the resurrection.

Do you want to be sure? الله أكبر

The truth is, if you want to be sure you will go to heaven, they only one that promises that is Jesus Christ. Also, الله أكبر He is love, and his son demonstrated that love to everyone, but dying in our place on the Christ.

If you lack love in your life, if you are tired of everything being transactional in your life, I invite you to listen to this testimonies of love and the demonstration of God’s true power. Remember, Muhammad is dead and can help no one, whereas Christ is alive and it ready to help you today.

Big hugs and lots of love,


Alar Call by Keith Green