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The Revelation of the Seven Seraphim

The mystery of the Seraphim has been hidden throughout the ages, but it is being revealed to us. The 7 spirits of God, shown in the book of Revelation, are the Seven Seraphim of the Most High. They are the co-creators with YHWH, they are the Us He speaks about in Genesis.

The reason that understanding who and what Seraphim are, is that mankind, taken as a whole, is a Seraph. Christ is our head and we are His body, together we make up the Seraph of God from this creation. Therefore, YHWH considers us vital to His plan.

Open your mind and heart, hold fast that which is good

As you read through these essays, allow God to illuminate your understanding through His Spirit. Many of these precepts may seem beyond the scope of your doctrine, yet trust God and consider. Explore the faith and know that God reveals new and wonderful vistas to those who seek Him.

God bless,


Shelaya ft. Aubrey Asburn by Inon Zur