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the connection Chronicles

The Connection Chronicles

Sometimes, when I look back on what has happened in different Spiritual Connections, I marvel. Man presents a limited view of our Father, but when God speaks, we realize that the half has not been told.

Man’s reason is limited, while God actual presence is limitless. The vistas in Him are beyond our natural ability to comprehend, thus we must know Him through His Spirit. These Chronicles are what actually happened to myself and Esther. We are sharing these experience with you so that if you happen to walk a similar path, you’ll see our sign posts.

The things of God are spiritually known

What many don’t understand, is that we have barely begun to know Him. As we come to trust Him more, we experience the things of His Spirit. The Connection Chronicles are a record of what we experienced in His Spirit. As we leave the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we truly begin living.

In invite you and your connection (s), to let go of what you think you know and begin to experience Him. Allow God to manifest in and through you in whatever way He desires. Let go of your natural minds and His Spirit.

Big hugs and lots of love,