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Short Testimonies Tell The Story

Over the years, God has shown, or more accurately demonstrated, truths about His nature to me. These lessons, gleaned from actual events, have formed the bedrock of my Christian experience in Him. It is one thing to read about God, another to hear about God from someone else, but when you experience Him first hand, it leaves and indelible impression.

One of the main things I believe is that when God does something wonderful, we should testify about it. Give him the Glory and magnify His name. After all, if you want someone to do more of a good thing to you, it’s best to be grateful.

Seek encounters with God

As you read through these testimonies, I pray that God encourage you to seek your own encounters with Him. What really changes us is when we are in His presence. His light, shines in us and through, driving away the darkness, bringing hope and faith in Him.

Big hugs and lots of love,


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