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spirit of revelation

All Revelation Comes From God

I believe that all revelation comes from God. If it does not originate from His Spirit, it is deception. Moreover, all scripture is a sub-set of God’s Rhema. Therefore, there is more Rhema than scripture.

How do we know what is truth and what is falsehood? Simply, God’s sheep know His voice and another’s they will not follow. Knowing truth first comes through knowing God personally and experientially. When you have met God, anything less is an obvious fake.

It’s because we trust His Spirit

When a person first meetings God and gives their heart and life to Him, there is trust. You have to trust and believe what He says, else you wouldn’t believe Jesus could save you. It is upon this basis of trusting His Spirit and His word that our faith rests. Anyone who is telling you different is in legalism and what they say is based on what they believe rather than person experience.

Let the Holy Spirit prove all things

Lastly, the things I write must bear witness to your through the Holy Spirit. If you desire, search the scriptures to see whether these things be true. You’re not obligated to take what I say as gospel truth, or what anyone else says for that matter. Your salvation is a very personal matter and you should only hear what God speaks to you, whether through personal revelation, study, or another’s ideas.

Big hugs and lots of love,


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