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foundational doctrines

Revelation is a Foundation Doctrine

The foundations of our faith, like the foundations of a house, must be sure and secure. If we get the basics wrong, then the whole structure suffers and so does our faith. However, what is a secure foundation when it comes to Christian beliefs? How do we ensure that we are believing the truth?

Most people would answer that they believe in the scriptures and nothing but the scriptures. The Bible, the sixty-six books of cannon as delivered to us by Martin Luther, as the basis of our faith. Whatever cannot be proven and referenced from those writings, simply is not authoritative.

Why is the church such a mess?

Therefore, people have debated, collated, systematized and categorized the scriptures for thousands of years. Today we have creeds, denominations, factions who believe differing dogmas and a Christian church who is hopelessly fragmented. Why, if we have the word of God and we desire to know only His truth, are we such a mess?

The fundamental error that everyone is making when it comes to scripture is that we are approaching it from the standpoint of the knowledge of good. We use our natural minds to glean principles and teachings from a spiritual book with our natural reasoning. Thus, when we output the final product, it brings death to our spirits just as surely as the knowledge of evil.

Understanding comes through revelation

The remedy for this is to realize that we must move beyond doctrine to person, spiritual experience with it’s Author. We must base our understanding of scripture on revelation and not upon reason. No longer can we afford to think about what must be true based upon what we understand, we must instead be told what is truth based upon who we know. Only in this way, will we every come to a knowledge of the truth.

In essence, we must return to knowing God through personal revelation just as Adam did in Eden. When we have a question, we do not resort to our reason, but ask out Father in Heaven. We believe what He says and follow his revealed will.

Walk with God and let that be your foundational doctrine

I invite you to open your heart and mind to God and walk with Him in the cool of the day. Allow Jesus to speak to you and reveal His will for you life. Instead of study, spend time with Him and ask questions of him. In this way you will be lead by His Spirit and become the sons and daughters of God.

Big hugs and lots of love,


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