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present testament

God Speaks Today

Amazingly, for all the talk of a present tense God, many believe that He stopped speaking at the conclusion of the book of Revelation. It has become a dogma of such gigantic proportions, that if you every claim to have heard from God yourself, it is automatically suspect. Never mind that holy men of God speak as they were led by the Holy Spirit in times past. Never mind that everyone in the first part of man’s existence until Moses penned the scriptures had to hear God voice. Many just assume that God is contained within the covers of the King James Bible and that is all there is.

God is much more than they scriptures

The truth is, though, that God is much more than the scriptures we believe are cannon. Else, how did Jesus speak new revelation in the first century? How did the apostles pen revelation subsequent to that? While it is not common right now to write further scripture, that does not mean it can’t happen.

Moreover, and perhaps more to the point, is it necessary to have more holy writ to be lead of His Spirit? Perhaps in our day and age, since we are living epistles, we can be instructed by our Father as needed, without having to write it down.

Let His present testament speak to your spirit

I invite you to read through this present testament and see if these essays speak to your spirit. Allow God to open your hearts and minds to the possibility that we can speak as His Spirit leads us.

Big hugs and lots of love,


Shelaya by Inon Aue Ft. Aubrey Ashburn