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It’s About Time

Being caught up or transported in the spirit is about moving from one place to another. that can be laterally on earth or between earth and heaven. Moreover, in special instances, it is about moving from one time to another. The reason that people must be translated into the Spirit is that it is the only way they can move through space and time. When you are in our physical universe, time is absolute, but when you are in the Spirit, you can move throughout time as God leads.

This, of course, is nothing we can do by ourselves, it is strictly a spiritual process initiated by God. Also, to a much more limited extend, it can happen with demons, but the costs of doing that are very high indeed. Usually people to dabble in witchcraft and sorcery have man grave health issues.

We can relax in God

For me, the main benefit of understand what is really going on, is that we can relax and allow God to do it. We don’t have to fear time travel when God is at the steering wheel. Time traveling is a supernatural process initiated by Him for His purposes. Therefore, we can trust that what happens, no matter what it is, is of Him.

In invite you to read through these essays and see what makes sense to you. Consider these precepts and explore what they mean in your life. Prophets have a lot of this that goes on, so I think these writings will be most helpful to them.

Big hugs and lots of love,


Back In Time by Huey Lewis and the News