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strong delusion

Strong Revelation is the Antidote for Strong Delusion

We live in an age of Strong Delusion. Light is called darkness and darkness is called light. We do not know how far it has encroached on us, for most of us have grown up in it.

If you dispute how bad things are, then you have fallen victim to it. It is like those who are raised in idolatry feeling that it is proper and good. Having nothing to compare it too, sacrificing children to the god Moloch is simply what your deity requires.

Embrace Strong Revelation

To fight such Strong Delusion, we must embrace Strong Revelation. Only the revelation of the Holy Spirit can pierce this darkness and cause us to truly see.

There are many types of blindness and a particularly difficult one to deal with is Religious Blindness. People who become convinced that they, through their own reason, know the word of God, suffer from a arrogance that even God manifest in the flesh can hardly dispel.

Allow the Holy Spirit speak to you

If you have come to this place it means you are at least curious and questioning. I invite you to read through some of the essays that interest you and consider what they say. Remember, it is okay to consider different perspectives. Simply allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into His truth. Jesus gives Strong Revelation, it is what we need in this hour to truly see.

Big hugs and lots of love,


Open Your Eyes by Keith Green