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Do you still believe in a flat earth?

There was a time when the majority view was that the world was flat.  If you went too far in any one direction you simply fell off the end of the earth.  This was an established fact and any sane, reasonable person understood this.

Moreover, people used to believe that the sun, moon, and stars rotated around the earth.  This was obviously true since the church taught that the earth was the center of the universe.  Again, to suggest differently, risked ridicule, possible ex-communication, and even the Inquisition.

In a world of blind people, sight is heresy

Believers often come to a point of appearing to contradict all reason, propriety, and even the word of God. Our Lord often reveals truths that go against everything that everyone accepts as established fact.  In a world of flat-earthers, suggesting the earth is round is heresy.  In a society of people who believe we are the center of the cosmos, claiming otherwise is anathema.  A religious system that believes intimacy is antithetical to godliness, cries blaspheme when we speak about Divine Love.

However, YHWH gives every generation their portion of truth to restore.  In Martin Luther’s time, it was salvation by faith.  Prior to the Reformation, simply claiming the “just shall live by faith” could get you killed.  Fortunately, in most of the western world, saying the truth is not a life or death decision any longer, you just get banned from Facebook groups.

Diametrically opposed to God

I wonder, sometimes, why God says things that seemingly goes against all convention.   Then I realize it’s not God that is out of step with our reason, it is spiritually blind men and women who are out of step with His revelation.  The more I learn of the Spirit, the more I see that eating of the knowledge of good makes us diametrically opposed to our Lord.  God created us to be one thing, yet we have determined a better way.  YHWH made us for His pleasure, yet we want to call Spirit led intimacy sin. News Flash: Satan did not create sex, God did.

You’ve got to ask yourself, though, what in my present life even remotely indicates that I am going to be the Bride of Christ?  I mean, if you’re going to marry Emanuel and be His lover forever, don’t you think you at least should have a few intimate thoughts now?  Many of the most acclaimed Christian Artists sing about intimacy all the time, yet the church will not allow their people to love each other. What is wrong with this picture?

Are you decent and in order?

YHWH defines decent and in order.  What happened on the day of Pentecost was just the way God wanted it to be.  God led the early church to give each other a holy kiss and to participate in love feasts.  I firmly believe that the first church was on the cusp of the spiritual fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles.  Having all things in common was an outflow of their shared experience of God’s Divine Love. In fact, it seems likely that the persecution by Rome was the Devils attempt to forestall Divine love sweeping and uniting the Body of Christ.

The blind will see

Very soon, we must all make a choice between being blind and seeing.  While being blind feels comfortable because it is all we have known, God wants to restore our vision.  God is coming differently than expected and His church is ill-prepared for His presence. YWHW is coming for His Bride to take her to be with Him where He is.  Nothing can stop or prevent the catching away of the saints, the question is whether or not you will enter into His rest. God doesn’t want anyone to perish, but for all to have eternal life.  Yield to God’s love in whatever way, to whatever degree, and with whomever He desires. In that way, you will become the wife of the Lamb of God.

Gangsta’s Paradise cover by Kina Grannis