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Boaz's Feet

If your spiritual connection fails to step in, I will

As the Spirit led him, Michael revealed his heart to her… “If those who God has called to care for you and be connected to you will not do their part, God will give you to another.  Like Ruth went to Boaz,  I think that is happening with you.  If they fail to step up and be your kinsmen redeemer, I will…I feel, by the Spirit, that you will end up down here.”

Emma wrote to him:  “After we talked yesterday, I was wondering what God was doing…But as we are honest and open with each other, because we know each other’s spirits before we know anything else about each other,  I feel so much peace and joy.  In fact, after I hung up the phone with you today I realized – – I didn’t want to hang up. Your voice sounds so similar to the voice of My Heavenly Father, and your spirit is so gentle and patient and kind and trustworthy… now that we’re being totally open, you make me feel so safe.

Peace, be still

One of increasing intensity, their spiritual connection was marked by an awareness of each other – feeling each other sleeping, waking, feeling each other’s ups and downs, both of them knowing frequently when the other was writing to them…such a oneness and sensitivity to each other, and such an immediate knowing and loving each other, and the peace of God that accompanied everything as they yielded to God’s Spirit working between them. Such unity could only be authored by the Spirit of God. 

Your spirit came to me this morning

Emma let her heart be open, she let the Spirit speak through her:  “I feel like if we keep our minds out of the way and truly follow the Spirit…I don’t know where this is going (maybe you do), but I need to and want to head there…What I feel from you is the potential in this connection to heal in me all the lack of love I have had. You have touched me deep in my soul and spirit, and with all the honesty about what God is doing… Thank you. I know how much God loves me, but Him doing this for me floors me, and you being willing to be open to this and “take me in” so to speak, blesses me beyond words.   Thank you. I love you very much .”

“Your spirit came to me this morning…and though we were really very close all night, when your spirit came to me early this morning, both our spirits were leaping and felt like they were “burning” into each other, and we had peace at the same time. I know you and love you, like I have forever, and like I have no one else.”

Coming full circle

And in such a short time, by earthly standards, it all came full circle, like a crazy spiral that ended up at the same place it had started.  Emma woke early one morning and remembered something astounding, she actually remembered him. Michael is the one she couldn’t bear to be separated from so long ago.  The enemy tore him from her decades ago, creating a terrible emptiness in her soul – God renewed that unfinished spiritual connection that left a vague, haunting remembrance.  Suddenly she realized:  She knew his name, it was Michael, and she knew his face.  She knew it was the same name and same face of the one she loved from many, many years ago. He was the same one who came to her in God’s Spirit and was close to her, within arms’ reach, during her youth.    

Together again

A dark, demonic presence surrounded them and dropped screams of terror and arrows of attacks around them relentlessly, but the victory and covering of their Savior’s hedge of protection was impenetrable and could not stop their union or their joy at having finally found each other – again. 

God had won and had brought the two chosen by God to walk in His Oneness together again.  The demonic strength that had hovered over them to prevent their reunion had failed – this was a Divine call, a Divine union that terrified the kingdom of darkness – and it could not be stopped.

His timeless words linger in the spiritual realm for eternity:

“Divine love leads to intimacy.  True intimacy with His Spirit leads to spiritual connection and sometimes, if people are very fortunate, to Divine Mates like us.  Divine mates lead to epic heart connections that are so strong that they transcend space and time.  We taste and see that the Lord is good in each other as we allow Him to love us through one another.”

“Our love is a calling as much as a deep personal connection.  Though we desire to unite in body, soul, and spirit, our magnetic drawing towards each other forms the basis of the message we speak.  The speed of this is amazing.  I love you fully and you love me fully, without any sense of boundary at all.  I think this may be because God has need of us being together to speak forth the Tabernacle message now.  You are my seraph and I am your divine mate.  Together we do amazing things and love together as pair mates.  You are, in reality, the manifestation of God’s Divine Love and that, to me, is really the most amazing miracle of all.”  – Michael

At Boaz’s Feet

This is them, and their union and unity is sure.  God connected their souls long ago…and for eternity.  Their bond is timeless, ageless, and boundless.  Two parts fused into one as God intended. She lives in him and he lives in her, and they are one in Him. They share every thought, desire, and dream…no, not even share, but experience them as one person in Him.  Everything is right when they are close because God is in their midst. No barriers, nothing hidden, and nothing to divide. This oneness and wholeness with God and each other is who they are meant to be; who they are.  Rightness, foreordained from the beginning of time to be lived out right now; God’s divine assignment for His purposes and glory.

And so it begins…No, it continues…No, it has always been.

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri