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Branding tabernacles

Dear Team Tabernacles,

What Follows are my notes on “branding” for The Tabernacles Experience (i.e. the Tabernacle Movement).  I thought I would put them up so others that are part of Team Tabernacles can see where we are heading with promoting our message of Divine Love.   I password protected them because I want to keep these things within Team Tabernacles at this point.



Branding, according to is,

“The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.”

Therefore, we might say,

“The process involved in creating a unique name and image for The Tabernacles Experience in Believers’ minds, mainly through promoting our message with a consistent theme. The Tabernacles Brand aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in Christ’s Bride that attracts and retains loyal believers in Christ.”

Four elements of Tabernacles Branding

  1. Create a strategic, actionable plan to guide the branding, marketing and communications of The Tabernacles Experience message.

  2. Identify the essence of The Tabernacles Experience brand story – and how to tell it with passion

  3. Develop and foster interaction with the Bride of Christ wherever they are

  4. Use creative ideas to build promotion plans to grow awareness of The Tabernacles Experience.


Where are we going?

We need a solid plan to tell our story.  Let us understand the Bride of Christ and have clear goals to promote The Tabernacles Experience.  We must align our goals with a strategic plan that realizes these goals.

The Tabernacle Experience is a story told from one human being to another.  What is the enduring, consistent story that we can tell with passion with Christ’s potential Bride.? I have said, “we are the message” therefore, I think the miracle of our  personal spiritual connections and what they have meant to us is our core story. We just have to decide if we are willing to tell what God did in our lives honestly and plainly to others.  Theoretically, I don’t see why not.  New Age people talk about anything without shame, so why can’t we?  I think if we find  a way to clearly and consistently share our personal testimonies, that will build a relationship with fellow believers and draw people to The Tabernacle Experience like nothing else can.

Follow the people

Once we get our story developed, how will we get people to listen to it?  Our message needs to follow people wherever they go, from bus stations to Facebook, from smart phones to twitter, from radio spots to blogs.  We need to find out where people are and make that our orbit (which is technology driven).  We need to engage and talk to people at every level possible.  Also, we need to set up some way in advance to measure the success of our message and gauge what type of impact we are having.  All our efforts must tie back to a Spirit led strategy that leads to promoting our story through technology to increase the clarity and penetration of The Tabernacle Message.

Telling a love story

Simply put, The Tabernacle Experience is a love story.  We want to place the image, thoughts, and emotions that we felt as God joined us through Divine Live in the hearts and minds of the Body of Christ.  Our inspiring testimonies are words and images shared in such a way to covey a simple message: Divine Love.

The words, images and elements of what God has done in our lives attach themselves to the spirits, hearts, and minds of individuals called to be part of the Bride of Christ.  Through telling our story effectively, we can create “word of mouth” that promotes what is different, special, and better about The Tabernacle Experience.  By carefully defining who we are in God to those with ears to hear, we can carve out a clear niche in the Christian world which draws members of God’s future wife to our message.

Our brand is Divine Love

Divine Love is our brand and it transcends doctrine, denomination, economic circumstance, gender, culture, nationality, and cuts through all man-made belief systems.  The Tabernacles Experience is God manifest in our flesh.

It has taken many years of Listening to God’s Spirit to reveal Tabernacles Theology to the point where it is something truly relevant for out time.  God’s truth has always been available, but it took time to uncover all the ecclesiastical overburden that hid it from view.

Our story of Divine Love is the platform from which recognition, discipleship, and value is derived.  We want to develop The Tabernacles Experience in to an easily recognized message and visuals executed with consistency over time.

What does the Bride of Christ think about Divine Love?

Who is the Bride of Christ?  Where are they and what do they think?  In order to position The Tabernacles Experience for success, we must identify and understand the people we wish to reach.  The Holy Spirit will lead and guides us in this area, but we have to be open to “think outside the box” as He leads us.  My strong feeling is that most of the Bride of Christ is not where we think they are and do not look or act like with think they would.  In fact, Satan has targeted these people and beat them up rather badly, hoping they will not mature into God’s Bride.  Therefore, we should be open to pretty much anyone, anywhere, anytime as God leads us.

How do we reach the Bride of Christ?

Technology is changing so rapidly, that our target audience is constantly shifting position with respects to reaching them with the Tabernacles Message.  Even blogging used to be something fairly new just a few short years ago, but know it seems “so last century”.  Many of the people who will respond to The Tabernacles Experience are young and very technology adept.  Their tastes in how they receive input shifts rapidly.  Thought we want to have a very consistent and focused message, with strong visuals, the way that we deliver this message must keep up with technology.

At the same time, though technology is a strong component of our modern society, we cannot substitute social media for actual one on one contact.  In the end, discipleship is about sharing God with another person in a meaningful way.  Therefore, any electronic means we use to share what we know has to be only a temporary means to person contact.  Thought Tabernacles Theology is opened sourced and therefore freely available for anyone and everyone to use, Spiritual Connections require one on one contact and that can only be done properly one person to another.  ANY technology we use must have, as its end result, direct personal fellowship of some type.

What really promotes The Tabernacles Experience?

Just because we can do something does not mean we should do something.  Though the ways to do things change, the fundamentals of communication do not.  Therefore, keep our focus on the foundation of how to promote The Tabernacles Experience and only use different tools if they really are effective.

Also, we need to establish a group of people who are called to promote The Tabernacle Experience.  Our efforts to promote our message of Divine Love needs to keep moving forward as God deepens our experience and understanding of it.  Tabernacles Theology is purposely designed to morph as God moves.  We never want to solidify like Lot’s wife by looking back on where we have been.

Five main areas

  1. Strategy – things we must do in order to build an effective world-wide Tabernacles promotion
  2. Product – Lovefests
  3. Counting the Cost – What will it cost people to partake of The Tabernacle Experience
  4. Placement –  Where and how to showcase The Tabernacle Experience
  5. Promotion – Try to produce long term effects in a low cost and simple way

Remember: Everything begins and ends with the Bride of Christ

We must endeavor to understand what the Bride of Christ needs and strive to meet those needs.  I we have what the Bride of Christ needs then we just need to find out the best way to provide it to them. Keep in mind,

‘We can’t create a need that isn’t there, and we can’t argue people out of what they want”

Finding out what the Bride of Christ needs

How do we find out what the Bride of Christ needs?  The standard method is to do systematic market research.  However, here at Tabernacles Central, we believe that the Holy Spirit knows what His future wife needs.

First assumption:  The Bride of Christ exists

Second assumption:  The Bride of Christ will hear the call of her Bridegroom

Third assumption:  We are to compel them to come in to the marriage supper of the Lamb

In truth, the only real marketing strategy we need is to listen, hear, and obey on time what the Holy Spirit leads us to do.  God knows the hearts of all men and women.  Certainly, our heavenly Bridegroom knows the heart of His Bride.  Therefore,  our marketing strategy boils down to doing, as closely as possible, the will of God at any given moment.

The Holy Spirit is our marketing strategy

Practically speaking, this means that we go where God leads us and host Love Fests.  God will literally have to lead us to His Bride, because right now she is not easily recognizable.  In fact, the truth church of Philadelphia doesn’t look much like a Bride at all.

By revelation, I know that the Devil targets the Bride of Christ for special abuse.  I do not know how it is possible (other than the spiritual realm being timeless) but Satan and his demons know, before hand, who are God’s chosen.  I strongly feel that many who are abused are the future wife of God.  People who fall into drug abuse, alcoholism, prostitution, false religions, materialism etc. are actually the called of God.  From birth people are singled out and attacked by demons in terrible manners through family, strangers and even clergy.  Like Pharaoh killing the male children of Israel, that Old Dragon, seeks to devour the Man-Child.

We cannot use forbidden fruit to obtain spiritual results

Therefore, we cannot employ the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to obtain spiritual results.  We are free to use any tried and true marketing techniques, so long as we are led by the Holy Spirit to do so.  For instance, asking questions and gathering  insights from our break out session during Love Fests is perfectly ok if we are lead to do so.  However, if we just think it is a good idea, without the leading of the Holy Spirit, then it is merely the knowledge of good.  The knowledge of good or evil both end up in death, which is the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish at Tabernacles Central.

With this is mind, here are some possible ways we can get to know the Bride of Christ better.

  1. Host bible studies where we teach the Tabernacle message.  Find out who responds and why.
  2. Use our breakout sessions during Love Fests to ask questions and find out how our message is being received
  3. Note which essays on Tabernacles Central are popular
  4. Note where most of our webpage views originate from
  5. God to concerts where music that we feel contains a tabernacle message is played.  Talk with people and find out what is important to them.
  6. Attend revivals and speak with those who attend.
  7. Go to place Christians normally do not go and see if we connect with the Bride.

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