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spirit of unholy matrimony

Breaking The Spirit Of Unholy Matrimony Is Hard to Do

You’ve come to the conclusion that you made  a rash vow regarding your marriage.  The woman or man you chose is obviously not God’s choice.  In the forseeable future, you cannot imagine any way that your spouse is going to change.  In fact, you feel led to divorce or leave your present partner.  So, what is a Christian to do?

Not many people may understand your decision

First off, understand that not many of your brethren will understand or agree with your decision.  Most really have no personal stake in your well-being other than they want you to keep looking good for their doctrines sake.  If you are lucky, some of  your close friends and/or family may support you.  In the worst case scenario you will find no support for your plan of action except the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, make sure you know divorce is God’s choice and then make a decision to stand firm in Him.  If you are not convinced that God has given you permission to separate, then wait on Him until He does.

Maintain your Christian values

Secondly, do not lean upon your own understanding, but trust in the Lord.  Take appropriate action to protect yourself and your children, but don’t be unnecessarily mean our punitive.  Look at this separation as a correction that God is making to an unwise choice you both made in your ignorance.  Therefore, you are simply separating something that YHWH never authored in the first place.  As such, be as wise as a serpent, but as harmless as a dove.

Recognize there is a spirit of unholy matrimony

Thirdly, understand that there may be a spirit of unholy matrimony in your relationship.  If there is abuse, that needs to be taken seriously.  Demons don’t play fair, so while you do not want to be unnecessarily harsh,  you cannot let demons wreck your life and, if you have them, your children’s lives.  If your spouse or partner is against God or has habits or proclivities that God says will be detrimental to you or your children, fight for full custody.

Fight unholy matrimony

Fourthly, if your other half does not acknowledge God, God does not acknowledge them and neither should you reguard them either.  We should not allow those who wilfully choose hell to drag us or our children down with them.  While it is their choice to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire, it is not ours.  Therefore, as you are lead of His Spirit, do not allow them to harm you or your children for eternity.  Maintain a clear head and if they will cause you or your children miss salvation, do not pity them.

Be wise in your choice of legal advice

Fifthly, if you need and advocate, solicitor, or attorney, take great care in your selection.  Make sure the legal counsel you retain does exactly the type of law that your case requires.  Shop around, get references, talk to former clients and ask about their experience.  Good legal advice and representation can make a huge difference in how things work out and save you years of grief.

Trust God’s voice

Sixth, be Spirit led in all things.  Often your “soon to be former spouse or partner” will use coercive tactics to make your agree to things that are not in your or your children’s best interest.  At that time you need to pray and get the Lords council on what to do.  Don’t rely exclusively upon your lawyer, friends, or family, but listen to what God says.   Our Father sees the end from the beginning and will lead and guide you through this difficult time.  Trust Him above all others, knowing that He is the Lord over all.

God bless and good luck,


Way Maker by Sinach