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God is calling The Bride

There is a call to the Bride.  You feel it, I feel it, all those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb feel it.  It is like we are waiting for something.  There is a deeply felt, yet nebulous “knowing” that something momentous is about to take place.  Our thoughts turn to love.  We feel a desire in our bellies to unite with the Holy Spirit.  Oneness is the only way to describe it.

There is nothing we are currently doing that satisfies us.  Life is full of motion, but not full of purpose.  Someone says, “I just feel like I’m not doing what I’m meant to be doing” and we say  “Yes, that’s me!  I feel that way too!”.


Answer the call of your Bridegroom


God is calling the Bride, He is calling to you.  Today is the day of wonder and you are the one God wants.  Stop allowing life to pass you by while the Lord of all the universe calls your name. Dare to answer His call! The Spirit and the Bride say come!

Feel the excitement, hear the call of our Lord!

I’ll talk to you later,