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We are all called towards much higher ground

I used to be very against Mormonism. I came from a holiness Pentecostal background. I particularly disliked the Mormon emphasis on Joseph Smith being a prophet. Then, I moved down and began to live among them in Utah. The Mormon religion was all around me, I couldn’t escape it, and missionaries came knocking at my door constantly.

When I allowed them in, they would make their presentation. I would point out the problems with their views and it would inevitably come down to, “Joseph Smith is the prophet because I have a burning in my bosom.” That “burning”, as they called it, sounded suspiciously like how God speaks to me. Thus began my evolution of thought towards the Mormons.

The infilling of the Holy Spirit among Mormons

First, God gave me prophecies about Mormons and the coming move of the Holy Spirit among them. I could not deny this, for He spoke very plainly and took me to the exact places where it would begin. Then I realized, even if I succeeded in talking one of the missionaries out of their “error,” where would they go? In my estimation, Mormon believers already know Jesus as Lord, and every other church group has their share of error.

Recently, after watching a YouTube video, entitled, “Raised From the Dead, The Angel Studio Story,” I had to admit that the heads of that studio, who are two Mormon brothers, are lead exactly like I am when I hear God’s voice. They partnered with Dallas Jenkins to produce the hit Christian series, “The Chosen.

So what gives? Well, for one thing I came to the realization that all Christian religions are basically in the same boat. Though each denomination believes they are more correct than others, none are that different. While I do agree that belief in Jesus as a personal Lord and Savior is the defining characteristic of all true beliefs, beyond that, there is little difference. Moreover, trying to get someone to become a certain flavor of Christian is really an exercise in futility. All that ends up happening is that one error is traded for another.

In an even broader sense, when Christians try to introduce non-believers to Christ, their motives are not pure, for those they do convert are brought into whatever error exists in that denomination.

Let’s all get together and journey up God’s moutain

Therefore, and this is the point of this essay, we are all being called to much higher ground. There is something more that God is drawing everyone towards, those who will listen, from every place in the world. There is no denomination or belief system on earth that will make us like Jesus Christ. In order to find God, we will have to come out from everywhere and journey to where He is.

What is coming is beyond anything and everyone. Even what I have laid out in The Final Feast barely even touches the hem of what God is about to do. If we are ever going to see the unity of the faith and the perfected Body of Christ it will not be even remotely like anything we presently know. The Chosen, made by many different believers, is a foretaste of that.

Raised From The Dead: The Angel Studios Story