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You Can Always Kill Yourself Next Week

You Can Always Kill Yourself Next Week

God loves everyone.  Oftentimes,  when we’ve lost all hope, our heavenly Father is there to help us in our darkest hour,

There is none righteous among us, no, not one. Therefore, everything is by His grace and mercy.  Many people, more than most imagine, reach such low points in their lives.

What strikes me about this testimony, is that it is all about giving Jesus a chance to demonstrate who He is.  No theology, no teaching, just a straight appeal to her heart.

God appeals to our hearts

Personally, I believe that many Muslim people are searching, but are caught in the labyrinth of Mohammedanism.  Until they are shown the truth through God’s Spirit, reasoning with them bear little fruit.

Remember,  if you’re thinking about ending it all, you can always kill yourself next week.  Until then, sincerely give Jesus a chance to show Himself to you and answer your prayers.

Muslim Woman Gives Jesus One Week To Prove Himself