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The Chariot Of God Is AWESOME!

Sometimes, I just want to remove all earthly limitations and let my spirit soar in the heavenly realms. I want to live free to be who I am in God. I believe that true freedom is a longing that is integral to our very beings. Many of us have a sense that we are in this world but not of it. We strenuously hide this notion though, because we are afraid of what people may think. Rarely, if ever, do we allow ourselves to rise above the mundane to be who we really are.

However, I ask you, “why do we pretend to be other than we truly feel?  Is it really that wrong to wake up and become lucid?”  What do all these people who look askance at us really matter in the long-run?  Why do we allow the negative thoughts of others to become our intellectual prisons?  Frankly, I am simply tired of it.  I want to be free to explore the limits of what I can comprehend.  Moreover, I suspect, if you are honest with yourself, you do too.

We must disengage our natural minds to understand God’s spiritual plan

When we are natural minded we tend to focus on the practical things of life; i.e. what to eat, where to sleep, and what to wear. It’s like looking at life through a magnifying glass: everything seems so close that you can’t see beyond what’s immediately in front of you. However, when you are in the Spirit, you realize truths that span the ages rather than mere days.

The truth is, we are not the first of God’s creations. There are many other acts of genesis that God has done throughout the eons. Our present creation is like an instance of time and space, folded into a pocket, within “forever”.  We know the angels preceded our world for they the sons of the morning. There are two other classes of beings that are not of this cosmos too: Cherubim and Seraphim. Cherubim are the chariot of God and Seraphim are God’s wives.

The chariot of God

Cherubim carry the chariot of God.  These holy beings move with the speed of God’s thought and are, like the angels, servants of the most high.  You first see them in Eden.  Next, we see them on insides of the walls of the holy of holies of the tabernacle in the wilderness. God literally embroidered cherubim into the fabric that makes up His dwelling.  However, though they dwell with God, they were only visible once a year.  Every year, on the day of atonement, when they High Priest offered blood and incense, the very essence of God, His Shekinah glory, illuminated the holy of holies, revealing many cherubim.

Cherubim are the children of God, born of other creations. Dwelling in the midst of the throne of the Most High, going where God wills, carrying Him throughout eternity to new creations of His Spirit.  Right now they are here, working with Him, to bring forth this creation and it’s inhabitants into the fold of heaven. Accomplishing God’s will, we return with our Father, from whence we came.

Class and purpose

Each class of created being has their function and purpose.  Angels are God’s messengers.  Cherubim lift up, support, and carry the chariot of God.  Seraphim guard and minister to His holiness. Mankind, the Bride of Christ, is to be one of God’s wives and bring forth after our kind. We are Seraphim in the making. We, like every other creation of God, throughout eternity, are part of the pantheon of His Logos.

When you realize that we are not of this creation,  you understand that God has a broader plan in place, the scope of which is as infinite as He is. While those who know not God focus on the here and now, those who dwell with Him understand the significance of our greater existence and purpose.

Satan taints this world with his sin, therefore God slates it for destruction. Right now, we are busy filling the ark of God with His people, so that when the inevitable happens, we simply fly away and be quit of this Earth forever.

Do you see the old, haggard woman?

Most, like this illusion, see only an old woman. However, when you look closely and carefully, you realize we are more that what we seem at first glance.  Though the fallen one tried to derail us, our Father sent His son to restore mankind back into God’s image and likeness. We are destined to become one with Him and give our heavenly Bridegroom children. This is our destiny and it is our glorious future. To the world, we look like the old woman in the picture above.  However, the truth is, we are beautiful and the Lamb’s wife to be.

The Devils gears everything on this earth to obscure who we are and what God desires to give us.  Created a little lower than the angels, we’re  destined to be crowned with glory like queen Esther. Everything we see with our natural eyes shall not endure.  God fashions us for eternity; it is our birthright as children of the Most High.  The mystery of the church is deeper and broader than we can possibly imagine, a plan that spans forever.

You are so much more than you seem

We are not mere animals that perish when we die, ceasing to exist.  We are eternal beings, infinitely deep and complex like our Father.  No matter what we look like on the outside, in the eyes of heaven, we are precious. Our spirits are capable of things that we do not yet comprehend. The liar and deceiver of our souls, that fallen Seraph, wants us to believe that our natural eyes see all there is, but there is so much more.

In conclusion, we are more than what we seem.  You know it, I feel it, we all sense it. While the Devil tries to deceive and blind us, the light of the Almighty continues to penetrate our hearts, illuminating the truth. All that we need do is believe. Our work, while here on Earth, is to love God and submit to His will. As children of the Most High our calling is to be what He created us to be. Let’s keep our first estate and conform to His desire, trusting Him in everything we do.  Be the chariot of God!

Finally, our Father promises,

“For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside thee, what he hath prepared for him that waiteth for him.”

Isaiah 64:4

The reason that we connect with this song is that it is true in a way that we do not yet comprehend

A Thousand Year by Christina Perri