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The Children Of Heaven

Divine Mates Equal Divine Children


I sometimes hesitate to share the revelations God gives me, because illuminating certain fundamental truths can be traumatic.  I remember a girlfriend in college who experienced a “crisis” when I told her about a partial rapture.  Once she realized this truth it became plain that, in her present state, she would be left behind.

Likewise, when I speak about the Children of Heaven, realizing how your choices are affecting your kids, may be traumatic too.  What I am saying, though, is that children born according to God’s will have advantages in this sinful world that others do not.  Honestly, this is not surprising, because if you are born into a family of atheists, your chances of knowing the Lord are less than if you are the child of Spirit led believers.

Whom Lucifer does foreknow, she persecutes

On the reverse side, the children of heaven are known to the enemy from an early age.  Therefore, nothing is guaranteed by birth and salvation is by grace through faith for all.  If you have not yet married, you have a great opportunity to allow God to pair you with a Divine Mate.  If you have wed unwisely, pray and ask God what He wants you to do.  Perhaps God will permit you to carry on with your present spouse, giving you grace to make the best with the situation you have.  However, God leads some to Divine Divorce.

In the end, all fall short of the glory of God except Jesus Christ.  However, making a bad decision in the past does not mean you must continue in that mistake in the present. Jeptha, a judge of Israel, vowed to sacrifice the first thing that came out from the door of his tent.  God granted victory, but upon arriving home, his daughter burst through the entrance his dwelling to welcome her conquering hero.  Jeptha should have repented, taken his lumps, and allowed his daughter to live.  Unfortunately, God’s judge held to his foolish vow and his child literally burned as a sacrifice.  Ask yourself and consider carefully, are you willing to risk your offspring suffering the eternal consequence for your foolish vow?  

Understanding Our Origins illuminates Our Present

There is an “original” for everything we see today.  To know the truth of something, we need to understand it’s beginning.  In fact, without correctly perceiving the origins of something, it’s almost impossible to see it correctly.   Lack of revelation concerning Genesis is the root cause of much confusion in believers today.  If we don’t really understand Who made us and why He did so, it’s difficult understand what He expects of us.  For a great many Christians, shame is an impermeable barrier which prevents them from knowing their divine importance in God’s great plan for the ages. As you go Back to the Garden, everything becomes clear.

The Book of Genesis is taken from the Rhema of God.  Moses experienced everything He wrote about. God moved him through time to bear witness to the beginning.  The meekest man on earth essentially gave a divine account of his travels.  Likewise, we need that same Spirit, which moved Moses throughout time, to illuminate our understanding too.  Just as the natural man cannot know the things of God, Genesis is a closed book to those who are not filled with the Holy Spirit.

Divine Mates equal Divine Children

Divine Mates, or matches made in heaven, are the “original” relationship YHWH always planned for the human race.  The “pattern” of Divine Love, leading to Divine Mates, resulting in Divine Children, is God’s original intent. Adam and Eve, the first of their kind, demonstrated divine connection.  Unfortunately,  what most experience now is a shadow of that former glory.  Relationships in our day are usually based upon, at best, the knowledge of good and, at worst, pure animal lust.

The children of heaven

The human race is God’s betrothed.  YHWH created us a little lower than the angels, but destined us to be His wife.  In the beginning, when there was no difference between God and man, God predestined  our offspring to be the children of heaven.  Conceived by the Spirit, born by the Spirit from the union of God and man, newborns were to be the literal children of God.  As we manifest God’s image and likeness our children reflect the very essence of His Holy Spirit.

Spirit led mates

Today, the concept of Spirit led mates seems mystical and new ageish.  Spiritual union with another, to the degree that we are one in all aspects, just does not seem possible to the natural minded man.  However, in God’s new creation, that is exactly how He plans Divine Mates to live and breed forever.  To go forth, be fruitful and multiply as God desires, our choice of husband or wife is to be completely Spirit led.  Not only that, God designs us to love and procreate perfectly as He leads.

Across the New Heavens and New Earth

The Rhema is that God is about to make all things new, even you.  God calls forth the world to come, setting those who know salvation in it.  In this place, no one ever dies.  Our children, born according to His Spirit, live forever and multiply as the stars of Heaven.  Thus, every child who does not make Heaven their home wipes out whole swaths of people in eternity.

When you mate outside of God’s will, the children born are random like Cain and Able.  Conversely, sometimes a “Love Child” is the result of people yielding to the Holy Spirit. Such children, born of divine passion, are often blessed because they are offspring of matches ordained in heaven. What the world labels as affairs, are often divine connections consummated under the only circumstances possible.

Bringing forth after God’s kind

Originally God paired Divine Mates together in order to bear His Divine Children.  If it is in your power to do so, bear children and raise them with a spiritual connection.  This is important because you are rearing God’s children.  If you are not married to a Divine Mate, and God grants  you permission to dwell with them, raise your children in the Lord with strength and resolve.  With God all things are possible and He can bless you and your children if you serve Him fully.

In conclusion, we all have a great responsibility to the children of heaven.  If  you have the ability to procreate, do so as  you are led of God’s Holy Spirit.   Allow God to lead and guide you in this area so that you bear His children in His timing.  Natural minded reasoning has little to do with Spirit led choices, natural circumstances are not a consideration when God asks you to have children.  Trust Him in all things and do His will for the children of heaven.  

Mary, The Mother of Jesus, Is The Pattern For All Those Who Bear The Children Of Heaven.  Whereas God united with Mary, Now God Unites With Us, Bearing His Children Through Us.

What Child Is This sung by Andrea Bocelli and Mary J Blige