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Christ Tribe

Tribalism, or that of being part of a tribe, is at the heart of the kingdom of God. Patriarchs begin families and those families increase and multiply until they become tribes.  This is how the twelve tribes of Israel formed.   We see, from the time of Israel’s deliverance from Egypt straight through to the restoration of the twelve tribes in the millennium, God works through tribes.

People have an innate desire to associate with a group.  Individuals are tribal by nature. They want to identify with a family that identifies with a clan that identifies with a tribe.  We want to know who we are and how we fit in.  Tracing our lineage back to a patriarch gives us a sense of where we fit into the world.

The Christ Tribe

Christian believers are all part of the Christ tribe.  Our patriarch in Jesus Christ, the Nazarene. Jesus was the firstborn of many brethren and we, through his blood shed for us on the cross, are all descended from him.

Through the baptism, or sign of the Holy Spirit, we are all of one. We all act a certain way according to the law of love that dwells in our hearts.  Identifying with Jesus Christ,  because that same spirit that raised him from the dead dwells in us,  we are one “tribe” in Christ.

The children of God

Therefore, we are all related.  As His Father was God and He was God’s son, so too we are, by adoption, children of the Most High. We belong to God and we are “brethren.”  We are joint heirs with Christ. Though we are created a little lower than the angels we are destined to be crowned with glory by our Father which is in heaven.

We belong with each other for we of all part of the Body of Christ. Our nature is similar because we have all been begotten through the same Spirit. We all speak a heavenly language through that same Spirit.  We are a peculiar people because we are born from above and not of this world.  Our home is the New Heavens and New Earth wherein dwells righteousness.

Not of this world

We act differently too.  When we are cursed we bless.  Hated, we love.  When we are reviled for our saviors names sake we rejoice. When we are faced with death we do not renounce Christ but count it all joy to be worthy take up our cross and follow after him. We show kindness to our enemies and compassion to those who spitefully use us. The chief characteristic of our tribe is “love.”

In this present world we all desire to connect. There is a growing loneliness, a growing emptiness, that each of us feel every day. As lawlessness abounds and the love of the many grows cold, we want to know where we “fit in.” This need to be part of something greater than ourselves is what “cults” exploit to trap and snare lost souls. However, in Christ, there is no need to give up our individuality but rather only a loving invitation to become one with him and his Father through yielding to His Holy Spirit.

Union with our Father and each other

The connection we all seek is union with the Spirit of our Father and through that same Spirit union with each other. Here is a truth,

“Ecumenism is a work of the flesh and will never bring about true unity in the Body of Christ. The unity of the Body of Christ will come through the shared spiritual experience of Tabernacles: Divine Love.”

We long to become one in Him so that God can be all in all.  It is this unity of purpose, this unity of heart, which is the common thread that binds us together in Christ.

Join the Christ Tribe

How do you join the Christ Tribe?  First repent and ask God’s forgiveness so that He may cleanse you from all unrighteousness. You accept that Jesus died for your sins, in your place, on the cross of Calvary.  Next, you ask for and receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit as signified by speaking in other tongues. Finally, you become one with God through receiving the Tabernacle blessing and allowing God to manifest His love through you to the world.  In short, by yielding everything you are to God, He lives through you and we, together as the Body of Christ, become God manifest in the flesh.

Though we are one tribe we are not all the same.  Each one of us manifests or “reveals” a portion of God to the world.  God is so magnificent that it takes literally millions of believers, each reflecting a portion of who He is, to show forth even a fraction of His glorious nature. Each one of us is different and therefore each one of us is unique in Him. Whereas cults seek to make everyone a carbon copy of their leader, Jesus seeks to make everyone unique in God.  Everyone has a perfect place in God’s kingdom uniquely suited for who they are and what they are meant to do.

The chosen of God

Join the Christ tribe and become part of a people called to live in a New Heavens and New Earth.  Be part of a movement characterized by Love.  Find  you place among those who are compassionate, because that is the nature of Christ in them.

We do not have to be perfect of even worthy to join the Christ tribe. All that God requires is a confession of faith in His son Jesus. God is calling all of us to be one in Him.   We are to be moved by one Spirit so that we speak the same things, not through man’s wisdom, but through our shared experience of being united with our Father in Heaven.  We are known to be Christians by our love for one another for love is the “sign” of being in the “Christ tribe.” Amen.