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christian mistress

Are You Christian Woman In Love With A Married Man?

Today I am speaking about a topic rarely discussed in polite company: that of being a Christian mistress.  To most, this is a taboo subject, but to a few, it is a holy calling.  Christian mistresses believe in and love Jesus Christ, yet they are literally called to love a married man.  Though most people chalk this up to weakness, in some cases it is evidence of extreme faith and devotion to God.

This type of relationship, though rarely mentioned positively, is more common than people think.  Moreover, the reasons these relationships exist are not well understood.  Many believers automatically judge a Christian mistress as a homewrecker.  Yet, sometimes, women who become mistresses are more righteous than the wives they are destined to replace.

It’s not exactly what you may think

Most believers assume that any marriage made for any reason is holy matrimony. They believe that no one can violate that sacred relationship.  Thus, a Christian mistress, no matter what the circumstances are, is automatically labeled an adulterer. However, this judgment is based upon the assumption that God automatically sanctions all marriages.  However, the truth is that unless God joins the man and woman together, He does not recognize their relationship as anything more than an earthly contract. While natural-minded people may believe that all marriages must be preserved at all costs, God does not. Believers make unwise life choices all the time in other areas, which when they realize their error, simply repent. The rash vows made in many marriages are no different.

What some call a Christian mistress may be a Divine Mate

Marriage, as currently practiced by the Christian church, is an idol.  Just because you have a piece of paper does not mean God must honor it.  Many times, what some call a Christian mistress is, in fact, God correcting a terrible marital mistake.  To God, it matters a great deal whom you marry, therefore if you marry out of YHWH’s will, He sometimes leads you to divorce.

Therefore, when God goads a man and women to be together, it can be a holy calling and not a fleshly fling.  When our Lord decrees that an earthly marriage is null and void, in some cases He brings another mate of His choosing. However, because the church and many believers worship marriage more than they respect God, most misjudge the will of His Spirit in such cases.

Jesus is also Lord over marriage

The fact is, many times the earthly wife is the problem and not the mistress.  Sometimes the Christian mistress is being Spirit-led, while the Christian wife is opposing God’s will. Earthly wives or husbands, who are not called to be with their current spouse, can actually be the ones sinning.  A Christian mistress can be, if led by the Holy Spirit, completely in the will of God.  Unfortunately, believers often condemn this type of behavior without question, knowing they risk being condemned themselves if they don’t.  However, like the Pharisees in Christ’s day, we sometimes reject the very one God is using to do His will.

Though I called what you may be doing a Christian Mistress, that is not really what you are at all.  You are, in fact, God’s divine choice to be the mate of the person you are in love with.  It just that those who look at your situation assume that you are not following God because you don’t fit their doctrine.  Just like those who misjudged the woman washing Jesus’s feet with her tears and drying them with her hair, they don’t really understand what is going on.  However, if God is leading you to be with a married man, most often it means He is instituting a Divine Divorce to free him from an earthly contract that is not His will.  You, like Esther, are the one that God has chosen to be the queen of your king.

God doesn’t honor contracts made in His absence

In conclusion, to be sure, there are affairs which are sin. Moreover, you can take my words and misapply them by assuming you are Spirit-led just because you’re attracted to someone.  Though David may have ended up with Bathsheba in the long run, taking things into his own hands didn’t work out so well. If you are simply coveting someone’s husband without the leading of God, problems will ensue

However, sometimes God institutes a divine divorce in order to join Divine Mates. Therefore, when a Christian mistress comes into a married man’s life, it can be the will of God.  In such specific instances, God is not violating marriage, He is joining Divine Mates.

If you are a Christian woman and you feel that God is leading you to be in a relationship with a married man, trust God.  No one will understand and it is perhaps the hardest thing you will ever do as you believe your Father.  However, when you hear God’s voice, let your heart rest in Him and accept His holy calling. 

Are you dazed and confused? Don’t despair, there is hope

If you are in this type of situation and are feeling confused, I encourage to read more about Divine Mates. This article alone cannot explain everything that you need to know. God bless and may His Spirit comfort and keep you. Amen.