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church reimagined

Is This The Future Of Worship?

Dear Connections,

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what a true love feast might look like.  Right now, many church services are simply variations on the same theme: Sunday School, Worship, Teaching, and Altar Call.  It is kind of the way things have been done for centuries.  However, in view of the Tabernacle Experience, which is Divine Love expressed through Christ’s body, maybe it’s time to re-imagine what it means to attend church.

What God wants to do in His people, in this hour, is to spiritually connect with us through one another.  Whom you connect with is His choice, done in His way, at His Leading.  To the degree  we facilitate this heavenly goal, we accomplish the will of our Father.  Currently, there is very little freedom in churches to allow God’s people to unite in the way our Lord desires.

Church re-imagined: loving each other without limits

God creates a fundamental shift in the way we worship to facilitate spiritual connections.  Oddly enough, the world has already figured  this out, practicing elements of what church services should be, they just do it without Christ.  Doing the things that God ordains, without acknowledging Him,  makes a mockery of out of everything they do.

We call these worldly meetings “Raves” or “Electrónica” or “EDM”.  People get together in massive crowds, dancing the night away.  Moreover, they are having a “shared” experience while gyrating and connecting with each other.  As with all copies, what the world does is not nearly as good or satisfying as the original. The Tabernacle Experience is what people are really looking for.

The world parties because it fulfills a deep need in their souls

I am not saying that we need to copy what the world does, but I am saying we should recognize the “need” such concerts are fulfilling.  I am also saying that what the world satisfies through music, special effects, and alcohol, God wants to satisfy through His Holy Spirit and Divine Love.  God is the ultimate love drug with no negative effects, for His very nature is love.  The truth is, what God has for those who worship Him in Spirit and truth makes the best Electrónica concert look shabby.

Church re-imagined: Loving each other without shame

Moreover, once you remove shame and the propensity to sin that created it, what’s left is freedom to love as God intended.  Natural minded people simply cannot comprehend such purity.  People’s reason tells them that total liberty must result in total chaos.  However, the truth is, those are led of the Spirit do not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

Truly,  until you experience “Church Re-imagined” it simply doesn’t make sense. You can’t imagine people being totally open to one another, yet sinning not.  Until God reveals the truth you, such perfection in the saints seems impossible.

Only God is perfect

Actually, perfection is not possible for mere men and women, however, when a perfect God indwells you, it is.  A believer can’t practice true Christianity except through the Spirit of Christ living in them.  Moreover,  you must yield to His Spirit in order to walk in the Spirit.  Moreover, church re-imagined is mainly about two things; Revelation and Divine love.  The Five Fold ministry has done its job.  We have reached the “until” spoken of in Ephesians 4:11-13.

Finally, this is the day where the Body of Christ does the work of the ministry.

Is this a worldly shadow of the coming revival of Divine Love?