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In this essay, I write about a topic that is considered taboo in Christianity.  If frank discussions of intimacy bother you, please do not continue reading.

I don’t take discussions about intimacy lightly.  I also realize the incendiary nature of these truths and the potential to misuse them by those who cannot receive them. However, it is a time of love and the Bride of Christ needs to be fully prepared to meet her heavenly Bridegroom. Therefore, just as there are frank and open discussions of very intimate things with those who are about to take the natural marriage bed, so there needs to be frank and open discussions of  a very intimate nature with those who are about to become one with Christ.

Only as the Spirit leads

Furthermore, I only write about these areas under the goading of the Holy Spirit.  I believe that speaking about Holy intimacy is important, because without a grounding in the love of God and each other, many will fall victim to the false love of the Antichrist.  Only Divine Love, demonstrated through Holy unions to various degrees, will afford us the strength to stand in this era of “Strong Delusion”.  A Delusion so strong that, if possible, can deceive the very elect.

Lastly, as I introduce this topic, please understand that I am speaking about climax between divinely joined mates as they are led by the Holy Spirit. This is a special instance of Divine Love that lies at the extreme end of the intimacy spectrum. Not all connections or interactions between connections are like this, however, it does demonstrate the ultimate desire of God to become one with His creation in ways that few realize or understand.



Why God created orgasm and what holy consummation means to you and your mate

Climax seems to be a strange topic for God to give revelation on.  After all, most people assume that this zenith of mating is a purely physical act. Many even consider orgasm antithetical to true spirituality. Orgasm is just not talked about in polite Christian company and “NEVER” in reference to God. However, when you think about it, why wouldn’t God have a lot to say about something He created that is so wonderful?

Do we really understand why God created intimacy?

While some say that you don’t need to “climax” in order to find sexual satisfaction, still it is the goal most people strive for in love-making. Cumming together is one of the most thrilling experiences two people can share in this earthly existence.  Ask yourself, “do we know what orgasm really is?” Moreover, “do we have any clue what God created it for?” Furthermore, “Do we understand the spiritual significance of that blessed act of marriage?”  The answer, in my opinion, is “no”.

What I’ve to come understand, through the Holy Spirit, is that God created sex for Himself.  God created the act of marriage so that He could join with His creation.  In short, God wants to bring forth after His kind. Therefore, God fashioned sexual expression and orgasm so that He could mate with humanity.

One God, one Spirit, one flesh

Our Father designed sex as a way for men and women to join together and become one flesh. However, and more importantly, God created sex so that in the “act of marriage”, mankind could join with Him too.  The stunning truth is that, during intercourse, God joins spiritually with the couple as they mate physically.  When a man and woman make love, at a certain point their spirits intermingle as they merge with God Himself. When a man or woman exclaim, Oh my God!, they do so because they are literally joining with the Almighty. In fact, what orgasm actually constitutes, is a place of union with God and man, which has the potential to create an eternal spirit.

God says,

For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.  For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.  This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.”

Here is a truth,

“Love making is intended to be the highest form of worship between spiritually joined mates and God”

God created sex, and orgasm within sex, to be the climax of His creation.  Fully 95% or more of what is possible to experience while making love (in my estimation) is spiritual and only a relatively small part is physical compared to the whole.  It is just that, since the fall, man lost access to God’s Spirit and thus, most of what coitus was meant to be, was lost too. In fact, the wearing of fig leaves was a direct result of losing our sexual union with God. We betrayed Him, thus we became ashamed.

In our relationships we need to understand that sex with each other is, in fact, also sex with God. Frankly, we love and worship of our creator and unite with Him as we love each other. God is in each one of us, combining with our spirits so that He can procreate through us.  YHWH likens the church to a bride for this reason.  Like a virgin promised to a groom, God destines us for His pleasure.

Here is an amazing truth,

“Holy consummation is when two people touch God during sex.”

Touch the divine

As a woman and man unite in love, they begin to touch the divine.  At a certain point, God enters into them and they’re elevated to realms of the Spirit as their spirits begin to emerge from their bodies. At this point a woman’s body becomes sensitive beyond what is possible in the natural realm. When you touch her and she shakes uncontrollably, you are touching her spirit.  Convulsions are simply a physical manifestation of what is happening spiritually. As your mate approaches climax in the natural, their spirit begins to unite with God and that is the point where a possibility of eternal life occurs.

People describe climax as a little piece of heaven on earth, because it is exactly that.  When a woman (or a man for that matter) utters the words “oh God, oh God” it is literally in praise and worship of their heavenly lover, as they mate with their creator. This occurs whether or not you are saved because that is how God made it to be.  As the sun also rises on the just and the unjust, so God is always present during climax, because He must be there to create life for conception.

Deep calls to deep when you climax according to God’s will

It is vitally important to marry the spouse of God’s choice because he or she is also God’s bride. Whom you marry is who you and God will mate with. If you choose outside of God’s will,  you are not pleasing to Him. Moreover, you may never achieve full union with your heavenly bridegroom with someone He has not chosen.

The heavenly realm is only open to those who yield fully to His Holy Spirit.  God is love and only those who allow Him to love them fully are perfected. We are to become one with Him and each other through Divine Love.

Climax in the Spirit, when coupled with climax in the natural, is earth shattering and beyond what most people ever experience. True orgasm, as created in the Garden of Eden, is actually beyond what our fallen bodies can handle. Thus, until we receive our glorified bodies, we can never fully know what God really meant sex to be. However, if we unite with God during climax, we taste of our inheritance while still in this creation.

Dare to climax as God intended

God catches up the elect, a holy generation, to His throne.  The Bride of Christ is that Elect. We, who dare to love God fully, are foreordained to be God’s mate.  The Spirit of Truth leads and guides into all truth, including holy consummation.  Therefore, the Holy Spirit teaches us about the heavenly marriage bed too.  It is a time of love and oneness with God is deeply intimate.

In conclusion,  in order to stand in the coming days, we must learn to love God in one another. Things are shortly coming to pass which are beyond what our natural man can handle.  Only those deeply in love with God and each other will stand strong before the image of the Beast.  The Antichrist epitomizes the natural minded man.  Only those who know God’s voice, his touch, His Spirit, and His heart will be able to stand resolute in strong delusion.

We serve an intimate God

Finally, not everything in God is sexual, however, the greater Solomon is intimate with His lover.  This essay addresses holy consummation as it specifically relates spiritually joined mates.  God created mankind to mate with Him during the act of marriage.   However, understand that I am not saying everything we experience in God must be sexual. 

Many people view “Like A Prayer” by Madonna as sacrilegious.  Yet it has immense popularity.  Why is this so?