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community chapel

I am Michael King, and this is my stand on spiritual connections at Community Chapel & Bible Training Center

Christ says,

 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.”

Matthew 10:33

I have been thinking a lot about this scripture lately. People commonly believe this passage refers to being forced to deny Christ or die. I believe, though, that the meaning of this scripture goes far beyond martyrdom.

I believe that you can deny Christ in many different ways and to many different degrees.  It can be as little as remaining silent when someone next to  you uses the name of Jesus in vain. It can be going along to get along with people who say that all religions are equal. In fact, our whole manner of life can be a denial of Christ if we do not do the will of our Father.

Long lost friends

I contacted an old friend the other day after many years. Suddenly, I felt Spirit led to reach out to Douglas by email. I found him very gracious after all those years apart. However, one thing he wrote to me stuck in my mind like a splinter. He called what God did at the church we used to attend “sin.”

I thought about his accusation against that revival for a month, trying to decide whether or not to let it “pass.” After much agonizing I felt lead of the Spirit to confront him about calling what the Holy Spirit did of Beelzebub. In the end, under strong conviction, I could not ignore his statement because I felt that “going along to get along” would be, in fact, denying Christ. I simply could not imagine having to give an answer as to why I did not stand up for my Lord.  I had to defend what Jesus did at Community Chapel & Bible Training Center.

No further Devil, this is where I stand

I wrote a very strong and pointed letter to my friend Douglas.  I told him I stood against his characterization of what God did at CC&BTC as being “sin.” Moreover, Douglas caused me to think about my hesitance to “own” what God did there too. Whether out of intimidation, fear or because of my reluctance to visit old memories, I kept my spiritual genesis a secret all these years.

After much consideration, however, I will not stand idly by while others talk badly about my Father and what He did at Chapel. I have had it with those who lived through that marvelous move of God’s Spirit, blithely denigrating it.  I am against those who speak evil of spiritual connections as if it were something sinful.  You, who call what God did of Beelzebub, are spiritual cowards.  Moreover, I will not allow the Devil to cause me to avoid who I am and where I come from any longer.  I no longer fear of what others may think or say.

For the record

Therefore, I wish to state, for the heavenly record, that I attended Community Chapel & Bible Training Center during the 80’s and partook of the move of spiritual connections. I fully accepted and immersed myself in it. It was a marvelous move of God’s Spirit, given by His grace to a people who earnestly sought Him.  Though some took the love and liberty that God showered upon us and used it for selfish purposes this was, by and large, not what most people did with it.

It has taken me over 30 years to come to a point where I feel I can speak about these experiences. Some in authority at Community Chapel & Bible Training Center did their best to destroy me and others like me. Fortunately, by God’s immeasurable grace, the misguided leadership of that church did not succeed. I sincerely hope there are others that made it through too.

I am proud to have experienced spiritual connections at CC&BTC

As a Spirit filled Christian, I am proud to have attended Community Chapel & Bible Training center.  I am privileged to have experienced God’s move of Divine Love.  I reject all those who, out of convenience or deception, do not recognize the amazing things that our Father did. The move of connection love was a true, righteous, and holy move of God’s Spirit.

As I feel led I will write and testify about my time at CC&BTC in order to give a positive, yet honest, account of the moving of God’s Spirit there.  Too many have freely disparaged what God did as sin.  I am here to say, “shame on all of you who do that!”

Don’t blame God for what you did or what happened to you

Yes, some used what God was doing as an occasion for the flesh. Of course, some people stumbled and could not handle the manifestation of God’s Divine Love.  Various leaders did unconscionable things. False shepherds sacrificed their own sheep to maintain their control over others. However, none of that negates what God did.  Furthermore, no one should blaspheme the Holy Spirit by calling what He does sin. Man, and only man, made a mess of God’s wonderful outpouring of life, liberty, and Divine Love.

My experience at CC&BTC is a very glorious and very painful chapter in my life. This pain has nothing to do with God for my Father stuck with me when no one else did. It has everything to do, however, with the heinous abuse carried out by the misguided and egotistical leadership.

Setting brother against brother

Moreover,  I believe the persecution which occurred at “Community Chapel” is a foretaste of a greater persecution to come. When God moves again in the Tabernacle experience, Christians will turn upon Christians worldwide. As it is written,

 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.  For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.  And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.”

Matthew 10: 34-36

Healing and help

I hope that as I share the lessons from that harrowing experience they will be instructive to others. When people face similar types of persecution in the future I hope this helps. Perhaps writing about my experiences may even help me personally gain some closure.

I will not deny what Jesus did…ever.

In conclusion, I resolutely stand before my heavenly Father and man and declare that spiritual connections are from God. I testify that the move of God’s Spirit was genuine. I reject all those who ridicule that revival as sin. The destruction that took place in some lives stemmed from man’s pride, greed, and arrogance. Whatever negative that happened was merely a result of God’s liberty crashing headlong into institutionalized legalism. Something, as they say, had to give.

To be continued…

God Help The Outcasts