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Are We Hiding Behind Our Fears Of Intimacy?


Dear Connections,

People who connect by the Holy Spirit are few and far between at this time in our history.  We come from many different walks of life, cultures, and sub-sets of the Christian faith.  However, what unites us all is the common shared experience of Tabernacles, which is Divine Love.

We are the church of the Philadelphia and the hallmark of our faith is brotherly love. We are the Bride of Christ and have existed throughout history, Able being the first of our kind.  Just as the Devil murdered righteous Able through His brother Cain, the great red dragon, ridden by the Harlot church, seeks to devour us even before we are born (Revelation 12.)  Able came in righteousness and Cain recieved him not, Jesus came in unto His own and they recieved Him now, so to we shall come in the name of the Father and our brethren will not recieve us.


Letting down our walls


Therefore, it is important that we lay down our differences and allow God to unite us in to one body and one belief through His Spirit.  It is tough to be forerunners.  Most of the time we are just intent on surviving and we develop hard exteriors in order to deal with the abuse that the church and sometimes even the world hurls at us.  We become so strong in our beliefs that we feel more comfortable being alone than with others.  However, this too is a trap of the Devil meant to separate us so that he can devour us when we are alone, one by one.

While I may not have everything right, God has given me the general outline of what He is doing in these last days in respect to Connection Love and Spiritual Unions. Our Father tells me that it’s important that we unite in love and allow Him to connect us even further into one body.  My experience with others who know the Spirit and Divine Love is that they are often so hurt that they do not trust anyone.  Many will not fellowship if you do not accept literally everything that they believe.  However, no one has it right yet and we are all still learning.


Show up and be chosen


God calls many, but chooses few simply because we do not show up.  Jesus commands us to be one, but if you do not “show up” the will of God in us is never be accomplished.  I know you understand what I am talking about.  I also know you are hesitant to speak up because of the hurt and pain you have suffered at the hands of your brethren.  However, we cannot be fearful and unbelieving if we desire to become the Bride of Christ.

Lastly, make contact.  Being in isolation and hiding is not helping you or anyone else. Take a chance and make yourself known. Do not allow the Devil to seperate you any longer.  Even John the Baptist had to evenutally come out of the wilderness. Every journey, no mater how long or difficult, begins with a single step. Take that step today.

Walls don’t always protect us. Walls can be prisons that keep us inside and others on the outside. Sometimes the walls we see seem insurmountable. However, by faith no wall can stand between us. Listen to the video and be encouraged!

God bless,

Michael King

Apostle of Tabernacles.