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corporate connection


For many, the experience of Spiritual Connections and Divine Mates is something very new.  Indeed, if you have ever heard about such things it’s usually from a mystical standpoint such as Twin Flames or Soul Mates.  There is little material out there about Divine Love and Spiritual Connections in the Christian church.

However, God is the one that created spiritual connections.  YHWH made Divine Mates for Himself and His children.  To speak about these holy unions, without acknowledging the Person responsible for them, is a grave mistake.

You must know God to fully understand Divine Mates

Moreover, failure to recognize the purpose of Spiritual Connections sets you adrift in an endless sea of speculation.  Sometimes, people describe what happens to them accurately, but their explanations of why it happens are nonsense.  Worse yet, some venture into demonic realms and end up believing terrible lies fed to them by fallen spirits.

All humans have the ability to spiritually connect

Spiritual connections, some of which become Divine Mates, are a natural condition of the human race.  This is, in fact, how God created all interpersonal relationships to be from the very beginning.  Spiritual connection is something everyone can experience and enjoy.  Birds fly because that is their nature, humans beings spiritually connect because that is the way our Lord created us too.

Therefore, since everyone can experience spiritual connections, it happens to non-believers as well as believers.  In fact, more non-believers experience these types of unions than do Christians. Unfortunately, like most everything else having to do with the Spirit, we are taught to mistrust it.  Though Divine Mates is our birthright, most avoid this type of relationship because our Clergy teaches us it is sin.

Different types and degrees of spiritual unions

Therefore, I want to speak about the Body of Christ’s “corporate” connection and “individual” connection today.  I hope to shed some light upon the degrees of divine union so that we can understand what God is doing among us.

In the perfected Bride of Christ, there is a corporate spiritual connection.  This connection is simply a recognition of God dwelling in each of us.  When we meet someone who is part of the Elect, we know them instantly through the Spirit.  Just as John leapt in Elizabeth’s womb in the presence of Mary, our spirits also leap when we meet another saint of God.  Though this happens today on a limited scale, in the near future that is how we recognize who is and isn’t of God.

The unity of the Spirit is a corporate connection

Our corporate connection is the manifestation of unity of the Spirit.  All of us experience one Spirit and through that shared experience we have one heart and one soul.  Since we know one person, YHWH, our views on who He is align.

Our corporate connection engenders trust, compassion, and love for one another.  Basically everything described in 1 Corinthians 13 becomes a reality in the body of Christ.  We give and we receive love through connecting with one another in Him. We love as Jesus loves and do anything we can to meet the others needs.  Having all things in common during the first church was not a doctrine, but a natural outflow of Divine Love.  No one had to propose pooling resources, everyone just naturally felt like giving what they had for the good of everyone else.

Healing is a function of Corporate Connection

As we walk in Divine Love the Body of Christ heals itself.  Currently, many brothers and sisters are deeply wounded.  We are afraid, full of mistrust, and riddled with fear.  We know from very painful experience that we sometimes can’t even trust our closest family.

However, the maturity of the Body of Christ allows us to be Christ to one another. Imagine having your own personal Jesus that wants nothing more than to love you unconditionally.  A person with infinite patience and understanding becomes your best friend. A spiritual connection is someone who accepts you as you are and always sees the best in you.

Individual connections in the Body of Christ

Individual connections take the experience of corporate connection to a deeper and more profound level.  An individual connection is God coming to us in the guise of another brother or sister, spending time with us personally.  An individual connection loves us with exquisite precision,  knowing what we need and when we need it.  It is as if their only goal in life is to love us purely without concern for themselves. This type of agape love heals the broken-hearted, binds up those who feel wounded, and gives back the years the locust has eaten.  In the light of God’s experiential love, shadows of pain and rejection simply cannot exist.

Individual connections are sometimes very intimate, however they love without lust.  In their quest to supply whatever you need, intimacy is just another way to minister to you.  Sometimes they sense you need them to sit close to you or lay a hand on your shoulder to show support.  They call you up when you are sad, listening to you patiently.  At other times, God gives you a holy kiss through them, showing how much He loves, accepts and values you.  The demonstration of God’s love is pure and holy and only goes so far as you need at any given moment.  Taking advantage of your vulnerability for personal gratification, however, is repugnant to a spiritual connection.  Sexual sin, for a spiritual connection, is literally the furthest thing from their minds.

God is the Lord of Divine Mates

In individual spiritual connections, sometimes God leads you to be a Divine Mate.  This is a special instance of connections where the Holy Spirit leads you to become one physically and spiritually.  Divine mates are authored by God for His pleasure and purposes. Divine Mates are joined for eternity.  If you are joined with a Divine Mate in this creation, you continue that relationship in the world to come.

In reality, sex is supposed to be God’s domain between Divine Mates also.  People who are spiritually connected, mate as the Spirit leads.  Truthfully, if you are a Divine Mate you are intimate at every opportunity, however, those who are not called to be Divine Mates simply don’t have intercourse.

It is not in God’s nature to sin, therefore as we walk in the Spirit we naturally do not sin.  People who eat of the knowledge of good (which is still a forbidden fruit) can’t understand how this is possible.  However, those who yield to and experience the love of God know there is a complete lack of desire to do wrong.

Here is a truth,

“All Divine Mates are Spiritual Connections, however,  all Spiritual Connections are not Divine Mates”

We know that within the domain of individual connections exist the area of Divine Mates.  While individual connections may turn into Divine Mates, not all do.  Moreover, whereas earthly marriage is not sacred nor created by God, Divine Mates are.  This means that while an individual connection can be very intimate, they will not have sex with the Divine Mate of someone else.  The Holy Spirit simply has no interest in promiscuity, so spiritually led connections don’t either.

The truth is, that in the corporately connected Body of Christ, there is no lack of love.  Everyone is fully loved spiritually, soulically, and physically.  Everyone whom God leads to be a Divine Mate has a Divine Mate and no one goes without.  The spectacle of a single women in her late twenties or early thirties being in church and not married does not exist in a connected setting.  Likewise, there are no members of “the apostle Paul club” in such a group either, for all pair and mate as the Holy Spirit leads.

In conclusion,

Most men and women view selecting a mate as their personal, private business. No one, not even God, can tell them whom to marry. Frankly, our views on intimacy and love within the Body of Christ are too self-centered.  So many people believe they must make a choice of mate that fits them, fulfills them, making them happy.  Looks, wealth, social status, prospects are things that natural minded people look for in a mate, however, that may not be what God wants. Instead, we need to form unions based upon what makes God happy and fulfills His will in our lives.  Just as we must lose our life to save it, so we must lose our self-willed choice of mate in order to receive a person matching God’s divine will.

Naturally, if we trust God to choose our mate, He will choose perfectly.  When we stop making our relationships about “us” and allow them to be “about Him”, everything begins to fall into place.  Spirit led intimacy, from handshake to holy consummation is about trusting God to lead and guide you in every aspect of your life.   Our interactions, especially those with the opposite sex, must switch from being fear based to being faith-based.

Finally, If the concept of corporate connection seems difficult

If you are having a hard time “wrapping your head” around what I am saying, perhaps using your head too much is the problem.  Trying to understand spiritual things through our natural minds often leads to headaches!  It is better to trust God first, accept what He says by the Spirit, allowing Him to bring the understanding gradually as you are able to receive it.

You are created to experience Divine Love through the body of Christ.  Sometimes God comes to you personally, with a personal spiritual connection or through the corporate connecting of the Body of Christ.  Solo connecting with is perfectly ok, however, that is not what God’s aim is in these last days.  Mostly, God loves you through another physical person and you love God through them.  Divine Love is better felt than telt, therefore you have to experience it to really know it.

This Is A Corporate Connection

Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker