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How Much Is This Counterfeit Money Worth?

The counterfeit proves the original.  In other words, in order to make a counterfeit, two conditions must be present.

  1.  There must be an original
  2. The original must be worth more than the counterfeit.

Take, for instance, the monopoly money above.  The 5 dollar bill looks vaguely like a real five dollar bill, yet it has no worth. Why, because it’s counterfeit.  However, the mere fact that we use the fake money to play the monopoly game, proves that there is an original we value.

The original is priceless

An orignal ming vase can easily cost over 1,000,000 dollars, while a fake reproduction can cost well under one hundred dollars.  What is the difference?  Each looks approximately the same, does the same thing, yet one is extremely valuable and is not.  The difference, to the trained eye, is workmanship and antiquity: it is authentic.  The fake is just, as people say “a cheap knock off”.

We all intrinsically understand why an original Ming Vase is valuable and why the counterfeit is not.  Yet, if we did not know that original ming vases existed, would we still feel the same about the fake?  Thus, in order to understand what is a counterfeit, we must know there is an original.

Until you know the real, you cannot recognize the fake

This is where understanding what God originally made and why, is very important.  For those who do not know that God made all things perfect the fake is all they know.  Humans live, the majority of the time, not knowing who they are and why they were made.  We/ve forgotten the glory of our genesis, therefore, we accept that natural world as good enough.

However, a regular chocolate bar seems good, until you taste a swiss chocolate bar.  Once you have had the real, the fake suddenly seems woefully inadequate.  Likewise, once you know and experience who we really are and why God created us, the things of this life become strangely dim.

Why do some call sex “dirty?”

Many, during their formative years, hear the phrase “sex is dirty”.  When you think of it, why on earth would people characterize something so wonderful as “dirty?”  In fact, why drag the whole experience of physical union through the mud like that at all?

The fake, dirty sex that Hollywood promotes, only points to the fact that there is an original, priceless intimacy that God created.  The denigration of women as sexual objects only proves God made woman to be loved, valued and cherished.  In fact, anything in this fallen world which seems dirty or degraded, is a counterfeit of the priceless original God made.

The veil lifted from our eyes

Anyone who has walked in Eden, would never call a mountain “pretty”.  Anyone who knows the delights of paradise would never call the Grand Canyon “majestic”.   It is the lack of experience of what God originally made that allows us to view the destruction around us as “scenic”.

Christians do not, in general, know they are Seraphim.  We do not understand fully, even those who have a revelation of the Bride of Christ, what we really are.  Not fully comprehending that we are future wife of the Most High, we undervalue ourselves in the great scheme of His plan.  Having not experienced the world to come and it’s glories, we fight over the scraps of this world like there is no tomorrow.  Only when we understand we are destined to be crowned with glory as a queen and mate of YHWH, do to begin to realize how priceless we really are.

The revelation of the Seraphim

As God has been reveling who the Seraphim really are, and who fallen Luci (fer) really is, our immeasurable value is becoming plain.  We, as mankind, are to join the ranks of the “us” God consulted when He spoke the worlds into existence.  We’re becoming the heavenly Abishag the greater Solomon woos and swoons over in the Song of Solomon.  We are queen Esther who, through humanity and courage, ascends the throne that queen Vashti despised.

Moreover, our intimate unions here on earth, foreshadow physical/spiritual unions with God and each other in the world to come.  The Devil goes out of her way to drag this “type” of the union of God and man through the mud, because she is jealous of who we are to YHWH.  The war on women is not a conflict between males and females, but a war between a fallen Seraph and God’s intended.

The natural man cannot know the things of God

Paul says,

“But the natural man received not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

2 Corinthians 2:14

This scripture represents a central realization that Paul understood by revelation, given through the Holy Spirit.  The revelation of the Seraphim is just such a revelation.   Natural minded people cannot know the truth of the wives of God, because to them, even plural mates on earth is blaspheme.   Assuming (as it turns out incorrectly) marriage =  monogamy, the heavenly court that King Solomon depicts, cannot exist.  Thus, due to false doctrine, foisted upon the church through the “knowledge of good“, almost everything God is doing and why He is doing it is obscured.  This is, in fact, why we look through a glass darkly.

Live your life through revelation

God always intended man to live by revelation.  God still forbids the knowledge of good and evil to mankind.  Christ demonstrated the power and effectiveness of living by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of our Father.  Jesus is the pattern son upon whom everyone else (who would live godly in Christ Jesus) is based.  Therefore, if Jesus lived by revelation that is what we should do too, every moment of every day.

Today I speak to  your spirits and not to you natural minds.  In fact, I believe now days that speaking spirit to spirit is the only way God really wants to communicate.  The fashion of this world is passing way, including our natural minded reasonings.  According to normative church doctrine, what I say is blaspheme.  Given the parameters that the clergy set, the revelation of the seraphim is impossible and heretical.  However, the unconscionable truth is that the church is the one in grave deception, and the truth of who we are is kept from us by them.

Reject the counterfeit and accept the truth

Finally, Strong Delusion is upon us.  I cannot state strongly enough the depth of deception we are in relative to where God is.  Most people look at the mountains or Grand Canyon and see grandeur, I see the the aftermath a flood.  Most people see what Hollywood portrays as “sexy”, I see a near total degradation of what God originally made holy and pure for His seraphim.

Ask God to give  you Strong Revelation and spirit of wisdom, so that you can understand who you are and your true calling in God.  You are part of the Bride of Christ, the Seraph of the Most High.  The truth is all around us for God is speaking to and wooing His Bride in every way possible.  All we have to do is wake from our bed and open the doors to our hearts to receive Him.

Seraphim and Cherubim Are Coming!